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Information Bulletins

All bulletins listed by the most recent first
GM Document IDTypeDescriptionDate
02-06-03-008BIBInfo - Low Voltage Display on IP Gauge, Lights Dim at Stop Lights, Battery Discharged, No Start, Slow Cranking, Dim Lights at Idle, Low Generator OutputApril 17, 2007
07-08-44-007IBInformation on Obtaining Replacement Navigation Discs When Radios are Exchanged - Order Replacement Navigation Disc Through Navigation Disc CenterApril 17, 2007
07-08-63-001IBInformation on Repair of Polypropylene Energy AbsorbersApril 17, 2007
02-07-30-029JIBInfo - Product Quality Center (PQC) for Engine, Transmission Assembly and Transfer Case ReplacementApril 12, 2007
04-07-30-037CIBInfo - Release of DEXRON-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)April 11, 2007
PIC3103EIBRadio Option Configuration - keywords control drr dvd hfc inoperative onstar opc option pressure radio rse steering swc tire tpm xm xmradio wheelApril 11, 2007
03-08-44-005GIBPoor Radio Reception or Radio Static/Increased Interference with Rear Window Defogger On or Some Rear Window Defogger Grids May Be Inoperative (Diagnose and Repair Rear Window Defogger Heating Grid)March 9, 2007
PIC3765AIBOnStar Analog Part Availability - keywords analog communication information operation part performance replacement restriction systemMarch 6, 2007
07-06-01-002IBInformation on Revised Connecting Rod Bolt Torque for Small Block GEN III and GEN IV Vortec V8 EnginesMarch 5, 2007
02-08-42-004AIBInfo - PRNDL Display Reduced Visibility for Approximately One MinuteMarch 30, 2007
02-08-46-007BIBInformation on OnStar System - Possible Loss of GPS and/or Unable to Replenish Hands-Free Calling MinutesMarch 13, 2007
06-08-50-009AIBInformation on Passenger Occupant Sensing System Concerns with Custom Upholstery, Accessory Seat Heaters or Other Comfort Enhancing DevicesMarch 13, 2007
PIP4066IBDexron VI Fluid Usage - keywords leak seal slipMarch 1, 2007
PIC3630BIBXM Radio Set Up Procedure After DRR Replacement - keywords accessory communication information inoperative part receiverFebruary 27, 2007
00-00-90-002EIBInformation on Proper Tire PressureFebruary 26, 2007
03-06-04-060AIBInformation on New Spark Plugs and GappingFebruary 12, 2007
02-07-30-029IIBInfo - Product Quality Center (PQC) for Engine, Transmission Assembly and Transfer Case ReplacementFebruary 8, 2007
05-03-10-005BIBInfo - Performance Characteristics of Vehicles with Accessory Wheel/ Tire Assemblies Installed as Upsized to Original EquipmentFebruary 7, 2007
04-07-30-013BIBInfo - Automatic Transmission Shift, Engine Driveability Concerns or Service Engine Soon (SES) Light On as a Result of the Use of an Excessively/Over-Oiled Aftermarket, Reusable Air FilterFebruary 1, 2007
06-00-89-029AIBInfo - Interior Cleaning, Seats, Carpet, Leather, Vinyl, Fabric Cleaner, Stain Remover, Restorer - New Product AvailabilityJanuary 19, 2007
06-00-89-050AIBInfo - Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) Required on Repair OrdersJanuary 17, 2007
05-08-46-006JIBInformation on Upgrading Certain OnStar Generation 4 and 5 Analog/Digital-Ready Systems to OnStar Generation 6 Digital- Capable SystemJanuary 17, 2007
02-08-98-002BIBInfo - Hem Flange Rust RepairJanuary 17, 2007
04-06-04-054AIBInfo - Non-GM Parts and Accessories (Aftermarket)January 11, 2007
00-03-10-006BIBInformation on Tire Radial Force Varioation (RFV)January 10, 2007
99-07-30-030EIBInfo - Grinding and/or Growling Noise in Park on InclineJanuary 3, 2007
01-08-51-004EIBPremature Aluminum Panel Hood Corrosion/Blistering (Refinish)December 22, 2006
99-09-40-005DIBInfo - Seat Belt Extender AvailabilityDecember 20, 2006
06-08-46-008IBInformation on OnStar Dual-Mode (Analog/Digital) SystemsDecember 20, 2006
06-08-51-005IBInformation on HemFlange Sealer for Corrosion ProtectionDecember 14, 2006
01-00-89-011DIBGM Technical Assistance Information FormDecember 14, 2006
01-06-01-011CIBInformation on Engine Oil Consumption GuidelinesDecember 13, 2006
04-08-49-017BIBEngine Oil Temperature Gauge Warning Lamp Illuminated (Call TCSC and Reprogram IPC Module)December 7, 2006
05-00-89-067AIBCommunication Strategy of Service Information/Strategy Based DiagnosticsDecember 7, 2006
02-07-30-001EIBDiagnostic Information on Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0894 and P1870December 7, 2006
02-07-30-029HIBInfo - Product Quality Center for Engine and Transmission Assembly and Transfer Case ReplacementNovember 28, 2006
04-06-01-029AIBInfo - Unnecessary Engine Crankcase and Subsystems Flushing Services, Additive Recommendations and Proper utilization of GM Simplified Maintenance Schedule to Enhance Customer Service ExperienceNovember 28, 2006
04-09-40-002AIBInfo - Seat Belt Stop Button Kits AvailableNovember 8, 2006
01-07-31-002BIBInfo - Improved Bleeding Procedure for Hydraulic Clutch ReleaseSystemNovember 1, 2006
01-08-42-001DIBInfo - Exterior Lamp Condensation and Replacement GuidelinesOctober 30, 2006
06-02-32-013IBInfo - Diagnostic Tips-Recommendations When Power Steering Pump Replacement is NecessaryOctober 25, 2006
00-07-30-009BIBInfo - Current Model Year Goodwrench Transmission Replacement Assembly ProgramOctober 10, 2006
00-06-04-033BIBInfo - I/M Readiness as Part of Emission Inspection and Maintenance Program for OBD II VehiclesOctober 10, 2006
00-00-89-027DiBInfo - Eliminating Unwanted Odors in VehiclesOctober 3, 2006
04-03-10-001CIBInfo - Tire Puncture Repair Procedures for all Cars and Light Duty TrucksOctober 2, 2006
04-03-10-013AIBInfo - Driving Characteristics of Rear-Wheel Drive and Available Winter Tires January 26, 2006
04-03-10-001BIBInfo - Tire Puncture Repair Procedures for all Cars and Light Duty Trucks January 20, 2006
05-03-07-009AIBInfo - Wheel Alignment Specifications, Requirements and Recommendations for GM VehiclesSeptember 28, 2006
04-03-10-012AIBInfo - Pitting and Brake Dust on Chrome WheelsSeptember 22, 2006
05-00-89-078AIBInfo - GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS, Fuel Sending Unit Corrosion and Fuel System DepositsSeptember 14, 2006
00-08-48-005BIBInfo - Distortion in Outer Surface of Vehicle GlassSeptember 12, 2006
06-03-10-010IBInformation on Proper Wheel Changing Procedures and CautionsSeptember 7, 2006
05-06-02-002AIBInfo - DEX-COOL Coolant - New Leak Detection Dye J-46366 - Replaces J-29545-6August 31, 2006
00-00-90-002DIBInformation on Proper Tire PressureAugust 22, 2006
06-06-04-037IBInfo - Normal Characteristics of Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) During On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) TestingAugust 4, 2006
06-08-44-012AIBDVD Navigation Update Program, AVN Software Update Discs and Ordering InformationJuly 26, 2006
06-08-43-003IBWindshield Wiper Performance, Cleaning Instructions and Maintenance June 30, 2006
02-07-30-029GIBInfo - Product Quality Center for Engine and Transmission Assembly and Transfer Case Replacement June 28, 2006
06-00-89-032IBInfo - Escalation Process for Critical Orders for Electronic Service Center (ESC) PartsJune 13, 2006
06-00-89-031IBInfo - Engine and Automatic Transmission/Transaxle IdentificationJune 12, 2006
04-07-30-037BIBInfo - Release of DEXRON VI Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)June 12, 2006
06-03-10-006IBInfo - Availability of Tires with Increased Treadwear and All-Season Traction Rating (Eagle RS-A)June 9, 2006
01-08-51-004DIBPremature Aluminum Panel Hood Corrosion/Blistering (Refinish)June 5, 2006
03-07-30-043AIBInformation Regarding Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control FunctionMay 25, 2006
05-06-04-022AIBInfo - TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline (Deposits, Fuel Economy, No Start, Power, Decreased Performance) - Canada ONLYMay 16, 2006
01-07-30-042DIBInformation on 2-3 Upshift or 3-2 Downshift Clunk NoiseMay 16, 2006
05-07-30-028AIBInfo - 4L60-E/4L65-E/4L70-E Automatic Transmission Product UpdateMay 8, 2006
06-08-45-004IBInfo - Instrument Panel (I/P), Body and General Wiring Harness RepairMay 2, 2006
05-08-45-002AIBInfo - Required Return Criteria of Complete Electrical Centers and Body Control Modules (BCMs) with Integrated Electrical Centers to Warranty Parts Center (WPC)April 25, 2006
PIC3703AIBIrregular Tire Wear - keywords align alignment cup cupping Goodyear hum noise pattern QWJ vibrationApril 21, 2006
06-06-01-010IBInfo on Close-Coupled Converter, Engine Breakdown or Non- Function Due to Severe Overheat or Lack of Oil Causing Piston, Rod, Crankshaft, Cylinder, Head, Camshaft, Intake/Exhaust Valve, Bearing DamageApril 19, 2006
06-08-44-015IBInformation on Eliminating Noise in Audio System When using Portable Playback DeviceApril 19, 2006
03-08-46-004CIBInfo - Parts Restriction on Ordering OnStar Generation 5, 6 and 7 Vehicle Communication Interface Modules (VCIM)April 18, 2006
pip3069cIBInformation - Iridium and Platinum Tip Spark Plug Maintenance - keywords 30K major minor preventative removal remove replacement tune upApril 4, 2006
03-00-91-001cIBInfo - Vibration Analysis WorksheetMarch 29, 2006
02-08-48-001bIBInfo - Urethane Adhesives for Stationary Glass and Other ApplicationsMarch 29, 2006
06-08-46-002IBInfo - Availability of GM OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics and GM Goodwrench Remote Diagnostic ServicesMarch 20, 2006
05-06-03-002BIBInfo - Battery and Charging System Electrical DiagnosticsMarch 14, 2006
03-06-03-004BIBInfo - Mditronics Code Generated by J42000 or J42000EU Battery Tester Required for Claim Processing On Labor Operation N0110March 14, 2006
05-06-04-035AIBInfo - Usage of E85 Fuels in GM VehiclesMarch 9, 2006
02-06-04-015AIBIntermittent No Crank, No Start (Clean Battery Side Terminal Stripped Threads, Replace Battery Cable Bolt)March 7, 2006
06-08-44-012IBDVD Navigation Update Program and Ordering Information March 6, 2006
05-07-30-010BIBInfo - 5L40-E/5L50-E Automatic Transmission Service Parts and Labor Operation Codes for Transmission Internal Service and Overhaul March 6, 2006
06-03-10-004IBInfo - Proper Use of OEM Service Wheel Weights, Marring and/or Damage Due to Use of Non-OEM and/or Incorrect Wheel Weight Installation March 1, 2006
PIT3099CIBQuestions Regarding Installation of Dealer Installed Accessories - keywords 2.8 3.5 4.2 4.8 5.3 6.0 8.1 accessory part Partech February 25, 2006
PIT3749AIBService VME - Underbody Corrosion - keywords appearance body frame rust February 24, 2006
05-08-46-004AIBOnStar Phone Number Concerns (Phone Number Incorrect/Assigned to Another Vehicle/Phone) That Occur During Diagnosis of OnStar System February 22, 2006
06-08-45-001IBInformation on Changes to the SI Table of Contents, Electrical Connectors, Terminal Testing/Repair and the Importance of J-38125 Terminal Repair Kit Maintenance February 17, 2006
02-06-05-004BIBInfo - Misfire DTCs P0300, P1380, P1381 and Catalytic Converter Damage Due to Installation of Alarm Systems February 14, 2006
01-07-30-036FIBInfo - Diagnostic Tips For Automatic Transmission DTC P0756, Second, Third, Fourth Gear Start February 14, 2006
05-08-44-029AIBInfo - Radio Knobs Available for Service February 13, 2006
04-08-46-003BIBInfo - Unable to Connect to OnStar or OnStar Personal Calling Inoperative February 7, 2006
02-07-30-052DIBInfo - Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Flush and Flow Test Essential Tool J-45096 TransFlow February 6, 2006
PIP3696IBService VME - Use Correct Engine Oil Drain Plug - keywords drain engine leak oil pan plug replace January 27, 2006
00-06-01-012BIBInfo - Use of Surface Conditioning Disks January 18, 2006
99-08-52-005BIBInfo - Remote Keyless Entry Operational Characteristics January 10, 2006
05-03-10-020IBInfo - Use of Nitrogen Gas in TiresDecember 22, 2005
05-03-10-019IBInformation on Run Flat, Zero Pressure or Extended Mobility Tires (EMT) and Unique Servicing TechniquesDecember 6, 2005
05-06-04-071IBInfo - LP1 and LY7 Engines Change Oil Message Does Not DIsplay When Oil Life is at 0%December 5, 2005
02-07-30-001DIBDiagnostic Information on Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0894 and P1870December 2, 2005
02-08-46-007AIBInfo - OnStar Call Center Unable to Replenish Customers Hands-Free Calling Minutes and other GPS ConcernsNovember 30, 2005
05-05-23-011IBInfo - Brake Caliper and Line Touch-Up Paint Availability and CodeNovember 28, 2005
05-08-44-029IBInfo - Radio Knobs Available for ServiceOctober 5, 2005
02-07-30-029FIBInfo - Product Quality Center for Engine and Transmission Assembly and Transfer Case ReplacementOctober 3, 2005
05-07-29-003AIBInfo - Aisin AY6 6-Speed Manual Transmission RPO MV1 Service InformationOctober 3, 2005
02-08-98-001BIBInfo - Metal Panel BondingSeptember 2, 2005
05-08-46-006BIBInformation on Upgrading Certain OnStar Generation 5 Analog/Digital-Ready Systems to OnStar Generation 6 Dual-Mode (Analog/Digital)August 31, 2005
03-07-29-004BIBInfo - Manual Transmission Operating CharacteristicsAugust 30, 2005
04-07-30-037AIBInfo - Release of DEXRON VI Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)August 19, 2005
04-06-04-047EIBInfo - TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline (Deposits, Fuel Economy, No Start, Power, Performance, Stall Concerns)August 17, 2005
00-00-90-002BIBInformation on Proper Tire PressureJuly 27, 2005
05-06-03-002AIBInfo - Battery and Charging System Electrical DiagnosticsJuly 1, 2005
04-08-48-001BIBInfo - Rear Window Defogger - Broken Heating Grid Detection MethodJune 28, 2005
00-03-10-006AIBInformation on Tire Radial Force Variation (RFV)June 17, 2005
03-03-10-007AIBInfo - Tire Characteristics of GM Original Equipment TiresJune 14, 2005
05-05-22-001IBInfo - On-Car Brake Lathe Specifications and Maintenance RequirementsJune 8, 2005
02-07-30-001CIBDiagnostic Information on DTC P0894 and P1870May 31, 2005
01-08-42-001CIBInfo - Exterior Lamp Condensation and Replacement GuidelinesMay 19, 2005
05-06-02-002IBInfo - DEX-COOL Coolant - New Leak Detection Dye J-46366 - Replaces J-29545-6May 11, 2005
03-08-44-001AIBInfo - XM Radio Labor Operation CodesApril 26, 2005
05-03-10-004IBInfo - Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) System - Tire Mounting and DismountingApril 19, 2005
00-08-46-002AIBInfo - OnStar System Cellular Antenna Replacement Parts AvailabilityApril 12, 2005
03-05-24-001AIBService Information Regarding Rear Brake Drum Wheel Cylinder InspectionsMarch 21, 2005
04-08-44-005AIBInfo - Utilizing Tech 2 to Retrieve Part Numbers for Radios, Compact Disc (CD) Changers and Instrument Panel Clusters (IPC)March 21, 2005
02-08-46-006AIBInfo - Incorrect OnStar Global Positioning System (GPS) Location Reported During OnStar CallMarch 17, 2005
04-06-04-047DIBInfo - Top Tier Detergent Gasoline (Deposits, Fuel Economy, No Start, Power, Performance, Stall Concerns)March 17, 2005
05-09-40-002IBInfo - Safety Belt Locking Conditions (Normal Operating Characteristic)March 17, 2005
05-08-42-003IBInfo - High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps - Disposal InstructionsMarch 11, 2005
05-06-02-001IBInformation on Aluminum Heater Core and/or Radiator ReplacementFebruary 24, 2005
99-08-51-007BIBInfo - Refinishing Aluminum WheelsNovember 22, 2004
01-07-31-002AIBInfo - Improved Bleeding Procedure for Hydraulic Clutch Release SystemSeptember 22, 2004
04-07-31-005IBInfo - Clutch Pressure Plate Wear Indicator AdjustmentAugust 19, 2004
02-06-03-010AIBInfo - Battery Parasitic DrainJuly 2, 2004
03-08-44-022IBExchange Program - Parts Restriction on Ordering XM Digital Radio ReceiverDecember 12, 2003
03-06-01-013IBExchange Program For 2004 Model Year EnginesMay 8, 2003