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How to replace the STS-V battery with Aftermarket one

                                                    (2006 model shown)


Tools required were a ˝ socket for removal/replacement of the battery puck, 5/16 wrench and/or socket for the battery connection terminals, and a long handled flat blade screwdriver for the battery cover’s tabs.


1.    The first step is to remove the positive and negative connection terminals from the battery and place them back out of the way. The terminal lugs used a 5/16 socket or wrench.


2.    Next you’ll need to remove the battery cover. On the right hand side there are two tabs holding the cover in place.  Just squeeze in and lift it out of the way.




                                                                                                                                Page 2


 The standard OEM battery is an AC Delco type 101-6YR. It is a sealed battery to prevent acid spillage and is rated at 650 Cold Cranking Amps. They cost anywhere from 130.00 to 180.00 each to replace depending upon where you purchase them. It’s physical dimensions are Length - 10.2” Width - 7” and Height - 6.6”  Most type 78 batteries with front terminals are approximately the same dimensions and will fit in its place and can be had for much cheaper.


3.      The next step will be to loosen the battery puck in front of the battery holding it from shifting around while driving. This takes a ˝ inch socket and once loosened can be removed and placed to the side. Then simply lift the old battery out.      








                                                                                                                Page 3         

I’m including a picture of the empty battery tray to simply show the stock area where it                                 mounts and the internal brackets where it sits.                                                                                                                       





For my car I chose to replace the OEM type with the newest Optima Red Top Type 78 that only has the front battery terminals (no top posts). It retails for about 160.00   and is rated at 800 Cold Cranking Amps. Plus its physical dimensions allow it to go right back in place without any alterations required to the car.




                                                                                                                                 Page 4                 

4.    Place the new battery into the tray and then reinstall the battery puck in the front lip area to hold it in place.    batt4.jpg        


The new battery should fit in the old spot without any problem including top clearance.


                                                                                                                     Page 5


5.    Finally reinstall the stock battery cover over the battery and reconnect the battery terminals. For the Optima battery the terminal holes are in the same position as the stock cover and everything goes right back into place.




You will want to have your Key FOB handy once you reconnect the battery as the horn will start to honk (anti-theft) and you’ll need to press lock or unlock to stop it. Also the auto up feature on the car’s windows will need to be relearned for all 4 windows. Simply roll them all the way down, then lift up and hold the window button until it goes all the way up and hold for a couple of seconds. Initially the Tire Pressure Sensors will also need to reread the tires before their pressure is displayed once again.


That should take care of everything. J

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