How do I remove the Radio on the 2008 CTS?

I have pop-ed my unit out already to "take a look".. It's pretty easy.

The first thing you must do is remove the wood trim (if you have wood trim that is) around the shifter and where the faceplate meets the dash. Four pieces total. Just yank them out with a bit of force.. you won't hurt them..

Once there out you'll need to pop off the cover of the shifter. Just pull from the top really hard but it'll go..

Once this is off then take a socket wrench to the two sockets on the bottom of the faceplate.

Once those are off then you can easily pop out the faceplate. You'll have to disconnect the faceplate from it's wiring harness. It should just pop off with a press to the release and then pull it off.

Now set the face plate off somewhere safe.

Once that is off the radio will be right in front of you.

Use the same socket wrench to remove the radio.

There are five connectors in the back of the radio, you'll have to remove them one by one, then voila you're radio will be disconnected!

Submitted by: Reed
Answered by: Chewwtoy
Last modified: 02.25.08