What is inside the radio? (Technical Specs)

Well I disassembled a 40 gig radio today in the hopes of getting info on the nav version (no such luck) but here is what I found:

2.5" IDE Toshiba drive
Three partitions
One empty, one seeming to be a backup the files are a little wierd
CDDB Database (about 580MB) of CD info
Test Files for various audio levels IE highs/lows ect in TWO formats WMA and MP3
No windows mobile, I had suspected it ran a stripped down version but apparently not

I did also find a USB port in the back (at least it looked like USB) of the radio, not sure if its used in the vehicle but I can find no mention of it in any of the service info or wiring diagrams. I'll probably play with it a little more but I'd rather get a NAV unit to play with and get the camera stuff working ect.

Submitted by: Reed
Answered by: GTPprix
Last modified: 02.25.08