What are the Voice commands for the radio?

Full list of voice commands:

Common Commands
Say Again
Pardon Me
What can I say
Speech help
Speech Recognition On (or Off)
Speech Confirmation Feedback On (or Off)

Top Level
Street Address
Enter Street
Street Input
Go <voice tag>
Go To <voice tag>
Navigation <voice tag>

Guidance Commands
Voice On, Off
Map Voice On, Off
Voice Guidance On, Off
Map Voice Guidance On, Off
Cancel Route
Map Cancel Route
Cancel Destination
Map Cancel Destination
Cancel Guidance
Map Cancel Guidance
Time to Destination
Distance to Destination

Disc (Aux & HDD) Commands
Radio CD, DVD, Disc
CD (or DVD) track <1-99>
CD (or DVD or Disc or Music) track up, down
CD (DVD or Disc) Random Play
CD (DVD or Disc) Normal Play
Music Artist Up, Down
Music Album Up, Down
Music Genre Up, Down
Music Folder Up, Down
CD, DVD, Disc, Music Help

Map Commands
North Up
Heading Up
3D, or 3D Map, or 3D view
Zoom In (Out)
Show <POI Category>
Map Show <POI Category>
Hide <POI Category>
Map Hide <POI Category>
Near By <POI Category>
Go <1-5>
Go Number <1-5>
Go To Number <1-5>
Navigation <1-5>
Navigation Number <1-5>
Display Day
Display Day Mode
Display Set Day
Display Set Day Mode
Display Select Day
Display Select Day Mode
Display Night
Display Night Mode
Display Set Night
Display Set Night Mode
Display Select Night
Display Select Night Mode
Display Auto
Display Auto Mode
Display Set Auto
Display Set Auto Mode
Display Select Auto
Display Select Auto Mode
Map Help

Radio Commands
Radio AM, FM, XM
Radio <frequency>
Radio <frequency FM, AM
Radio <channel>
Radio Category Up, Down
XM Category Up, Down
Radio Help

Submitted by: Reed
Answered by: Hildy
Last modified: 02.25.08