2004 V versus the 2005 V

2004 vs 2005:

The 2004 and the 2005 are basically the same car. The 2005 car will has a few more options. The only new options are exterior colors-redline and stealth gray. Interior colors are Light Gray. Other than this, only FACTORY options are sunroof and block heater as with the '04.

New dealer options include: Cross drilled rotors, Corsa exhaust, different wheels, carbon fiber underhood dress kit, performance shocks (did I miss anything?). These are dealer installed options and basically ship in the trunk of the car and the dealer installed them before you take delivery of the car. I would get the 2004 and buy the “options” later through GM parts.

As for the price. As far as I know, the MSRP is the same between the 2004 and 2005. No, the 2005 is not more expensive (unless you add the options).

You must also add the addition 1300 for the Gas Guzzler tax for the 2005 CTS-V. The 2004 was exempt because it was introduced mid model year.

A list of minor changes:
  • 1. 05 has a combined XM/onstar antenna instead of a Xm antenna on the roof and a onstar antenna on the rear glass
  • 2. 05 has a passenger airbag sensor (light visible in rear view mirror)
  • 3. 05 is available is expanded colors (redline/ stealth gray)
  • 4. Later 05 models have XM nav traffic. There is really no way to tell which car expect for later in the model year production (after Janurary).

    My opinion: if you can get a deal on the 2004 then do it because there is basically no difference (unless you want a new color). No harm in getting the 2004 because it is the same car.

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