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Document Library

Brochures/Sales guides/ Car Specifications
2005 V Brochure (I scanned myself): Vbroch.pdf (1 MB)
V Sales guide (for cadillac sales Representatives): vsales.pdf
Road and Track Specifications Page Click here
Cadillac's Response To"common" issues Click here
Cadillac's Response to Tire Wear Click here
CTS-V Accessory Guide Click here
CTS-V Acronym Dictionary Click here
Car Manuals
For the Main Owners Manual (from GM): 2004 or 2005 or 2006
For the Customer Convenience/ personalization guide (from GM): 2004 or 2005
For the Navigation Manual (from GM): 2004 or 2005 or 2006
For the CTS-V Personalization Instructional CD booklet (I scanned myself): REMOVED
Warranty Manual (from GM): Click here
Guides/ Specifications
2003 RPO (order guide): 2003rpo.pdf
2004 RPO (order guide): 2004rpo.pdf
2005 RPO (order guide): 2005rpo.pdf
2005 CTS RPO definition list: cts2005rpo-general.pdf
2006 RPO (order guide): 06-ctsv-rpo.pdf
2007 RPO (order guide): 2007rpo.pdf
2007 RPO (order guide)-REGULAR CTS: 2007-rpo-base.pdf
CTS Suplies Diagram: From Darrell Click here
CTS Parts list (VERY GOOD!) Click here
Collision-repair manual (from GM): Click here
2005 CTS Dismantle Guide: dismantle-05cts.pdf
2006 CTS Dismantle Guide: dismantle-06cts.pdf
GM Color Guide (from GM): 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007
GM paint specifications (from GM): Version 1- and Version 2
GM Refinishing Guide (from GM): Click here
Sheet metal warranty claim form (from GM) (from GM): Click here
OEM vs Aftermarket Parts (from GM) (from GM): Full_report.pdf
Refinishing aluminium Wheels (from GM): RefinishingAluminumWheels.pdf
Onstar Digital Update explanation:From SlvrVee onstar-dig.pdf
Technical guides/ wiring guides
2004 Engine Diagnostic Parameters 2004-eng-diag.pdf
T56 Transmission 06 improvements t56-06.pdf
Engine Diagnostics 2004 end-diags-2004.pdf
Tech2 User Guide (Offsite Link): tech2-userguide.pdf (6 mb)
FG2 install Instructions REMOVED
Technical repair guide (from GM): Click here
VIN decoder (2003) (from GM): vincards.pdf
VIN decoder (2004) (from GM): 2004vincards.pdf
VIN decoder (2005) (from GM): 2005vincards.pdf
T-56 Service Manual (Offsite Link): LD56-0610-0199.pdf
V- Oil filters:From StealthV vfilters.pdf
Full alignment Specifications Alignment Specs(html)
Radio Specs/Wiring guides
Radio Wiring: REMOVED
Radio/Nav Connectors: REMOVED
More Radio/Nav Connectors: REMOVED
Bose wiring guide: REMOVED
NAV wiring guide: REMOVED
CTS Steering Wheel Controls: REMOVED
V Steering Wheel Controls: REMOVED
Full Radio Schematic Diagram: REMOVED
FM/AM Diversity Antenna Specifications fm_ant.pdf
DVD navigation Disc File Structure nav-dvd-structure.pdf
3rd party Documents
UUC shifter install instructions uucshifter-instructions.pdf
Ground Control Lowering Kit Installation Instructions gc-coilover-install.pdf
kars Cradle System Stage III installation Instructions REVISED kars-instructions-rev2.pdf (REVISED)
kars Cradle System Stage III installation Instructions OLD kars-stage3.pdf (OLD)
Lingenfelter Snubber bushing instructions lpe-snubberinst.pdf
About the LS6 Part 1 ls6-article.pdf
About the LS6 Part 2 ls6-article-2.pdf
Nivomat Shock Explanation nivomat.pdf
Magnacharger installation instructions REV B maggieinstall-revb.pdf (5mb)
Magnacharger installation instructions REV A(OLD) magnachargerinstall.pdf (3mb)
BMR Wheel Hop Kit installation instructions Click here thanks Stealth
AMSoil Rear dif Technical Document Click here thanks Derek
Ipodkit (version 2) operating instructions Click here
Tech II XM programming instructions Click here
Speedworld Challenge car technical specifications Click here
GM V issues Letter: (contact lastss with questions) Click here
Service Contract (to prevent damage to your car when in for service): Click here
CTS-V Maintenence record/ Log Thanks CIWS: Click here
CTS-VR SCCA racing Form Draft: Click here
CTS-VR SCCA racing Form: Click here

SM pages

Many Thanks to those who contributed these documents including, Ben L, Nitanny, Dreamin etc

This site is not affiliated with General Motors or Cadillac. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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