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  • A wrecked V
  • UnderCar images
  • Engine Covers
  • CTS-VR
  • A Redline and Stealth Gray CTS-V
  • Cold Air intake Kits
  • Dash-kits
  • Superchargers
  • Cosmetic Trim
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Rear of the Radio
  • Technical Drawings
  • A Spare Tire in a V
  • A V1 radar Detector
  • Tire Pressure Sensors
  • The LS6 Engine
  • Wheels
  • Transmission
  • Tuner Cars
  • 800hp V
  • Misc
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    A wrecked V


    The view from under the car

    Thanks dreamin

    ENGINE COVERS (or not...)

    Thanks Peter Behety

    Thanks par break

    Thanks dont know who...

    GM's carbon fiber dress up kit (not yet available)
    thanks Dark Knight and ben

    GTO Style engine cover
    Thanks lastss

    Corvette Covers on a V- Available from StealthV Engineering
    Thanks StealthV

    Or learn how to make your own HERE

    CTS-v Racing


    The CTS-V RACE CAR at Laguna Seca

    Thanks 004ctsv

    An T2 CTS-V Racing

    Thanks someone

    Some CTS-V Owners on the track

    Thanks Homer

    CTS-V Color

    An 05 Redline CTS-V

    Thanks Frank78 and Shinkaze

    An 05 Stealth Grey CTS-V

    Thanks ebay

    A Grey CTS-V interior (Rare)

    Thanks Doug K

    Cold Air intakes

    Custom 4 inch intake

    Thanks Rey K

    Volant Cold Air intake

    Thanks StealthV

    Stealthv Free Flow intake

    Available from StealthV Engineering

    Lingenfelter CAIK

    Available from Lingenfelter Motorsports

    More Performance CAIK

    Available from More Performance

    Speed CAIK

    Available from Speed inc

    Dash Kits

    Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

    Thanks GrooveCity

    kit from:
    Steven Royzenshteyn
    New York City Dashes.
    Toll Free 866-692-8746 x 89

    Misc Dash Kit

    Thanks Bob W.

    can be found Here


    A Procharger on a CTS-V

    Another Magnacharger on a CTS-V- Clean

    Thanks Dennis

    A Magnacharger on a CTS-V

    Thanks someone

    CTS-V Supercharger

    Thanks Ben

    A Boost guage

    Lastss Boost guage

    Cosmetic trim

    Red powdercoated Grill

    Stack mounted LCD

    V1 Aux controls in the cluster

    Aftermarket CTS-V hood

    for information on this hood, go here

    HID washers in Action

    Cadillac Accessory cover

    New Specter Hood

    New Specter Chin Spoiler

    OLD Specter Hood

    available at

    Thanks Stiff1 and DigitalPmp

    stuff is available at

    CTS/CTS-V Spoilers

    available at

    Thanks lastss
    Thanks lastss

    Lastss Custom Spoiler

    Roof Spoiler

    A Custom Aux guage pod

    Thanks V-series tech

    Aeroforce OBDII custom guage

    Aftermarket Petals

    Autovation pedals

    Can be found Here

    A GTO shifter on a V

    Underhood Trim

    CVP33's underhood

    Thanks CVP33

    Misc Trim

    You can get em from the small 17mm version
    Thanks Chris Frez

    Z06 Logos

    You can get em from

    Aluminium Floor mats

    Thanks Silver Baron

    GM Performance Division Logo

    Available from -Cost= $14.99
    Thanks Chris Frez

    Aluminium Knobs/locks

    See Lastss's page

    First Aid kit mounted in the Trunk

    Thanks Joe B

    C5 shifter

    thanks ...

    2006 Corvette Shifter on a V

    Thanks GHilgenhur

    A stealth Sub enclosure

    Thanks JRoller


    GM Rear Cradle Bushings (TSB fix)

    Thanks someon


    Delrin Rear Cradle Bushings

    Thanks Lastss

    Kars Cradle System

    Thanks Kars

    BMR carbon fier driveshaft

    Thanks BMR

    BMR Anti Wheel Hop Kit (AWHK)

    BMR Pinion support

    BMR Strut Tower brace

    RSM- rear cross tower brace

    Thanks Silver Baron

    stuff is available at

    Exhaust Pictures

    Exhaust Cutout

    Zoomers Catback Exhaust

    MagnaFlow Catback Exhaust

    More Info here

    Bassani Exhaust

    Thansk RSM-CTSV

    B&B Exhaust Pictures (on a silver car)

    Thanks SSmith

    Corsa Exhaust Pictures

    Thanks Ben

    TPIS headers

    Thanks tbyrne

    Mallett headers

    Stainless Works Headers

    Borla Exhaust

    Rear of the Radio

    Thanks Miscreant

    Navigation radio

    Standard radio

    Technical Drawing of the CTS/ CTS-V

    A Gutted CTS-V

    Thanks ???

    A Spare Tire in the V

    A V1 Radar Detector installed

    Tire Pressure Sensor

    A Broken TPS looks like...

    Nice NOS setup

    The LS6 Engine


    GM optional Wheels

    Chromed Stock Wheels

    Thanks dennis

    Powdercoated Stock Wheels

    UUC/Forgeline Wheels

    HRE Wheels


    Unknown Wheels

    Millie Maglia Wheels

    GM optional CTS-V Wheels

    Transmission stuff

    TPIS Single mass flywheel

    Transmission removed

    Tuner Cars

    Katech V-series

    Lund V-series

    800 HP V

    Some Misc CTS Pictures

    Nos/MSD ignition installation

    2006 V pictures/ parts

    The highest G-meter reading....

    thanks Dreamin'

    Thanks Ben

    Stainless steel Gauges

    LS6 Engine Cutaway

    Mobile Phone Wallpaper

    Thanks DMN8

    CTS/ CTS-V in Midnight Club 3 Dub edition video game

    CTS/ CTS-V on the simpsons

    Serius installed in the ashtray

    Thanks ??

    Where to jack the car

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