Registry Number 200
Name: rand49er

Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
Name: Randall Field
State: South Lyon, MI 48178
VIN: 167889
Year: 2005
Exterior Color: Stealthgray
Interior Color: Black
Sunroof: Yes
FG2 Suspension: Yes
Exhaust: Corsa
Supercharger: maggie
Plate: MY V
Delivery Date: 01/21/05
Production Date: 11/xx/04
Mods: B&M shifter, Kooks headers, clear bra, alum pedals, Ground Control 600F/650R, Hotchkis, CTS console, STS-V fogs, WW sidemarkers
NOTES: Yes, this is one great car! With the mods I've done, this car is now the way it should have been coming off the assembly line. But then, the fun of modding would be missed!
last updated: 12.02.07

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