Registry Number 240
Name: V-Locity 2

Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
Name: Pat Fahey
State: Austin, TX 78738
VIN: 220516
Year: 2005
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
Sunroof: Yes
FG2 Suspension: N/A
Exhaust: Other
Supercharger: None
Plate: V-LACT 2
Delivery Date: 22/09/05
Production Date:
Mods: Air Plenum, CAGS, C5V Covers, Mich Pilot Sports on Chromed 7-Spokes.
NOTES: Vehicles ARE just like women,no two alike!My 1st V was a real POS. The Dealer fianlly replaced it.Now she is SWEEET!Smooth,silky& sexy. A real 'screamer'!Can't get enough, gotta go get on it! Ride-on,

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