Registry Number 447
Name: Boilermaker

Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
Name: Gene Zebley
State: , GA
Year: 2005
Exterior Color: Stealthgray
Interior Color: Black
Sunroof: Yes
FG2 Suspension: N/A
Exhaust: Magnaflow
Supercharger: maggie
Plate: BOILR V
Delivery Date: 11/08/06
Production Date:
Mods: Magnaflow supercharger, Coil upgrade, Alcohol injection, Kooks headers, X-pipe, Dyno tune, drilled GM performance rotors, Hawk pads, Cadillac Racing sway bars, Cadillac Racing upper arms, rear strut tower brace, KAGSIII rear craddle, UCC short shifter, Billet locks, Billet shift knob, CTS (console) armrest, Holden badges, Clear/Smoked turn signal lenses, OEM optional wheels, Millie wheels with snow shoes, Coats and coats of Zaino.
last updated: 01.05.08

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