Registry Number 79
Name: Tim Miller

Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
Name: Tim Miller
State: Alexandira, VA 22304
VIN: 151019
Year: 2005
Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Black
Sunroof: Yes
FG2 Suspension: N/A
Exhaust: Corsa
Supercharger: None
Plate: Fight Terr
Delivery Date: 1/17/2005
Production Date: N/A
Mods: UUC Short Shifter
NOTES: "I have owned new muscle cars back to the 60s: 67 Goat, 68 Charger RT, 3 Vettes, 97 Trans Am and an 02 SS Camaro. This V is the hottest of them all & it was time for a four-door."
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