Where can I get switched accessory power? Why does my Cigar lighters not work on RAP?

Apparently this will not work on some newer models according to some people although I have not confirmed this myself. Here is the procedure if you would like to try... its only a few bucks...


Both outlets in my 2004 stayed lit all the time and went dead when I moved the fuses. My car also came with the same combined manual that makes no mention of being able to switch power outlet modes. However, while moving the fuses back and forth, I noticed that the "Cigar Relay Mini" was missing. Seeing that it was obviously the same form factor as several of the other relays in the box, I picked one up and popped it in. Both outlets now work as described by others.

The GM part number for the relay is: 12177234 (written right on the top of the relay itself, along with Omron 7234), dealer quoted ~$21, but available for ~$7 from GMPartsDirect.com. Autozone had a cross-referenced GP-Sorenson part for ~$18, but its quality looked a little dodgy.

Thanks HPCC


As some may recall we (users here on this board) had confirmed that this does work on the CTS but does NOT work on the V. Manual does NOT indicate that there is any difference (no note in the manual seperating V from CTS in this area)

My selling dealer has tried to figure this out 3 times, going over wiring diagrams, schematics, etc. with GM TechLine finally replacing the fusebox - nothing changed.

Final answer came from Brian Eggling head tech @ Tech Line. This feature was deleted on the CTS-V (without any such reference in the manual). Much like the Voice Commands and Programmable SWC (Steering Wheel buttons) - altho those WERE mentioned in the manual. I mention this bc I get compained at all day long when things dont work the way we stated them in our manuals

Just thought I'd post a final answer. Andy yes I know it's not a huge deal/loss (that the cig lighters are NOT able to become switched power). Just something to be aware of. Moving those fuses in the fuse box cause the cig lighters to go dead (not permanently) - move them back and they go constant hot.

Thanks Benjet for getting this info out of GM

Option 1

I tapped into the harness that connects to the climate control panel. It's really easy to remove. Just open the ashtray and remove the felt tray. You'll see a screw recessed behind the tray. Loosen this screw. I had to use a magnetic driver so that the screw would stay attached to the driver when it came loose (as opposed to falling somewhere into the center console). Then you just grab the ashtray and pull straight out to loosen the clips. You'll see the harness in the back and a wire for you cigarette lighter. The harness is easy to undo but I still haven't figured out the lighter. I just let the whole thing dangle over the passenger foot well while I worked with the harness.

Looking at the harness with the wires facing away from you, the first wire in the SECOND row should be a switched 12V. If that doesn't work, it may be the 8th wire in the FIRST row. One of them is a ground and the other is hot. Use a multimeter to confirm before doing any wiring. If you find that both are ground, don't forget to start your car.

Thanks Mbai2

Option 2

Each of the interior outlets can be changed from a battery feed to a switched ignition feed. (One is the cigar lighter in the ashtray, the other is the auxiliary outlet in the rear of the center console.

To do that, go to the underhood fuse center and look for a bright yellow 20A fuse and a bright green 30A fuse that are in "wide" spaces (see picture below- RED callouts). Looking from the front of the car, they're kinda to the right of center and slightly above, between some relays. Anyway, these are the only fuses that you can move from side to side. The center contact is the one that eventually feeds the outlets. The contact on either side come from either the battery or the "cigar relay" (the switched feed). You use the fuse to bridge the appropriate gap:

If you want the cigar outlet to be on a switched supply, move the yellow fuse one position over in the same space. If you want the rear outlet to be switched, move the green fuse one position over. The factory fuse positions bridge the gap between the battery and the center contact.

See RED callouts in the image below:

Thanks IB

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