How do I test if my alarm is working or not?

  • Roll down your driver side window and close the door
  • Make sure that all other doors are securly closed including the trunk (and the hood for export cars)
  • Hit the alarm (lock) button on the key fob to lock the car and arm the system
  • Watch the light on the dash (the lock) and wait for it to shut off -- this indicates that the alarm is active
  • Reach in through the open window and manually= unlock the door and open it from the inside

    When you complete this procedure, the parking lights should flash, the horn should pulse, and the "theft deterrent alarm" should sound Note[I dont understand 100% what the Theft deterrent alarm is and how it differs from the horn, but the Service manual calls it out. May apply only to export cars]

    To stop the alarm, put your key in the driver door and turn it to the unlock position

    thanks haxor and Reed

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