Where can I get Aftermarket Wheels for my V?

please e-mail me if there are any others that you know about

Custom wheel mfg's that will make you wheels for the V:

  • www.hrewheels.com
  • www.kinesismotorsport.com
  • www.forgeline.com
  • www.iforged.com
  • www.jongbloedracing.com
  • www.ccwheel.com (19" only)

    Non-custom wheel mfg's (fixed sized wheels)

  • Mille Miglia (www.tirerack.com) 18x8
  • www.mallettcars.com 19x9
  • http://www.mc2ning.com/

  • http://www.uswheel.com/bonspeed/set.htm

    See below for images and other options

    GM optional CTS-V Wheels

    UUC/Forgeline Wheels


    19" and 20", all colors. Price depends on width and options, $950-$1210 each.

    19" and 20", all colors. Price depends on width and options, $950-$1210 each.

    18", all colors. Price depends on width and options, $798-$1075

    SX3R (superlightweight racing version of SX3):
    18", gunmetal or silver only with standard titanium fasteners, $798-$875.50

    HRE Wheels

  • http://www.hrewheels.com/welcome/

    Mallet wheels

  • http://www.mallettcars.com/

    Lund/Foose Wheels

    Lund also has wheels available made by Chip Foose.

    Size: 19"
    Width: 8.5-9.5
    3 Piece
    Offset: Will fit the V
    Price: TBD

    Go to Http://www.lundcadillac.com

    CCW Wheels

    They have already built a protoype set of wheels for some ones V in Florida. Wheels are 19x8.5 Front and 19X10 in the rear. Cost of wheels with tires (Goodyear GS-D3) $3295.00. Wheels only $2495.00. Air sensors are 65.00 each. Posting a pic with them on a Vette.



    Custom 20" wheels

    Tirerack.com- Mille Miglia Wheels-Model:MM-S

    Cheap off season wheels ~$200 ea- Tirerack.com

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