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Auxilary Audio Input- XM installed- Not keeping XM service

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If youíre looking for a simple solution to add an Ipod to your car and you donít subscribe to satellite radio, then this will do the trick. The directions below will describe how to add a Line level cable to your existing radio to connect to your iPod. All control is through the iPod and not the car stereo (please read the Notes below).

  • 6í Stereo Audio Cable ($6 at Radio Shack)
  • XM Ready Stereo
  • Putty/Steel knife
  • 7mm and 10mm sockets/wrench
  • Wire cutters
  • (3) Wires Nuts
  • Electrical Tape
  • 30-45 minutes

    NOTE 1: This will disable the XM Radio. Only do this if you do not subscribe to XM. If you do, you should get an electronic switch (e.g. Neucleus, Pac Audio, USA Spec) instead.

    NOTE 2:
  • You will not be able to use the steering wheel controls to control your iPod (except volume)
  • The songs will not be displayed on the Stereo

    Step #1
  • Start by cutting one end of the stereo cable and stripping the wires.
  • The wires for the Radio Shack cable (part #42- 2387A) are:
    o Red = Tip = Left Channel
    o Black = Ring = Right Channel
    o Bare = Sleeve = Common

    Step #2
  • Open the ash tray and pull out the coin holder
  • Remove the screw located behind the ash tray and through this hole using a 7mm socket (use a magnetic socket if you have one as the screw will fall)

    Step #3
  • Slide the putty knife between the wood (plastic) trim and dash
  • Pull the trim away from the dash to remove the heater controls and ash tray. Do this on both sides/top & bottom
  • Itís easier if you take the car out of Park to slide this assembly out of the way. Make sure the parking break is on.
  • Do the same for the vents above the radio and flip it up on the dash to get it out of the way.

    Step #4
  • This is what it looks like with the heater and vents removed
  • Using a 10mm socket remove the (4) bolts that hold the radio in

    Step #5
  • Once the radio is removed locate the gray connector on the back
  • The pin-out that I had was for an í04 model and was different that the í06, however, the color coding is the same.
  • XM Radio wiring:
    o Left Ė Brown/White
    o Right Ė Dark Green/White
    o Common Ė Tan/White

    Step #6
  • Cut the (3) wires located in step #5
  • You donít have a lot of wire to work with so I cut them about ĹĒ past the electrical tape. The electrical tape had some type of shield in it so I didnít want to remove it

    Step #7
  • Connect the stripped end of the Audio cable (step #1) to the wires coming from the radio:
    Channel Cable Radio
    Left Red Brn/Wh
    Right Black DkGn/Wh
    Common Bare Tan/Wh
  • Itís a good idea to test it now before you put everything back together

    Step #8
  • Run the audio cable behind the radio bracket
  • You can run the cable where ever youíd like. I chose to run it along the console on the passenger side (I just tucked it under the console)

    Step #9
  • Put the Radio back in and secure it with the 4 bolts
  • Push the vent assembly in (it pops into place)
  • Push the heater/ash tray assembly back in and secure it with the screw
  • I donít have a magnetic driver so I held the screw in the socket with a small piece of electrical tape. Once the screw was tight the tape came right off

    Hereís the audio cable coming out from below the ash tray and into the console. Again, I just tucked it up there and did not remove the console.

    Hereís the audio cable coming out near the cup holder.

    To listen to your iPod select either of the XM bands on your radio. In my car the Ipod does not get as loud as the FM radio does, however, I had the same issue with XM before I did this (I used to subscribe to XM). In fact, when I scroll between AM, FM, XM(iPod) and CD, the audio level changes with each band.

  • This site is not affiliated with General Motors or Cadillac. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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