What battery do I use to replace my stock battery?

After deciding the battery in my 03 was not going to make it through the winter. Among other things it couldn't even light up its indicator after a lengthy daytime drive. So I decided to do a bit of shopping. Thought I'd pass on the results.

The stock battery is a 690 cca ACDelco in a fairly new group size: 101. Not many places carry a group 101 battery, and those I found were pretty pricey. Now, it turns out that a group 101 is almost exactly the same width and length as a group 78 battery, and about a half-inch shorter. In the cts, incidentally, it sits on a battery tray that's at least that thick.

Solution: Wal-Mart MAXX group 78N. 900 cca. Warranted free replacement for 3 years, prorated replacement for years 4-9. Top of the group 78 ratings at Consumer Reports, and a best buy. Paid all of $68 + tax.

It's a tighter fit than the original, but not so tight as to require bending, cutting or hammering. I though I might have to 'adjust' the thickness of the battery tray, but doing so was not required.

thanks plugh

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