Where is some info on the B&B exhaust system?

Sound level on the exhaust is (in my opinion, and the opinion of the staff here at B & B) PERFECT . A deep, commanding tone when you put your foot in it, yet it is nearly stock sounding cruising down the freeway. A comparision of the DB levels is below:

Outside the car, 20 ft behind
Engine SpeedStock SystemB&B system
Idle 800 rpm6067
Rev-up 800-40008087
On dyno WOT9496

Inside the car, driving

Engine SpeedStock SystemB&B system
Idle 800 rpm5664
Cruise 2200 rpm, 4th gear7374
Cruise 2200 rpm, 5th gear7375
Cruise 2000 rpm, 6th gear7476
WOT, 0-130 mph, 5th gear8386
  • 1. stock
  • 2. Billy Boat 3" system with center resonator
  • 3. Billy Boat system with 3" X-pipe in place of resonator engine temp- 180 to 210 degrees
    air intake temp- 86 to 89 degrees
    vapor pressure- .58 to .60 in.hg
    barometric pressure- 28.28 to 28.35 in.Hg
    RPM range- 1200 to 6600

    Dyno Results

    SystemAvg HPAvg HPMax TorqueAvg Torque
    B&B 3"336.4222.3330.2297.2
    B&B with X-pipe343.6229.7336.8305.9

    The system did perform the best with the x-pipe, but it did also get louder. I will be driving the car with the x-pipe this weekend and I will evaluate the sound level. You will be able to substitute the x-pipe if you have a system on order.

    For info on this exhaust system go to:

    Sound and video to follow:


    Click to englarge

    Stock system

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