Does the CTS-V have a Black box

Short answer: Yes

Longer answer:

Yes. The CTS and CTS-V have a module called the SDM. This is the "Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM)"

Usually when people say 'black box' they're referring to the SDM. The SDM is more than just the 'air bag module'. It "stores information in the few seconds before a car sensor identifies a crash and fires the air bags. The data includes the speed of the car, whether the driver was wearing a seat belt, when an air bag deployed and whether the driver used the brakes."

But you may ask, can they do this without my knowledge? Yes, You have been notified... Here is a page from the OWNERS manual (page 7-10)...

Vehicle Data Collection and Event Data Records

Your vehicle, like other modern motor vehicles, has a number of sophisticated computer systems that monitor and control several aspects of the vehicle’s performance. Your vehicle uses on-board vehicle computers to monitor emission control components to optimize fuel economy, to monitor conditions for airbag deployment and, if so equipped, to provide anti-lock braking and to help the driver control the vehicle in difficult driving situations. Some information may be stored during regular operations to facilitate repair of detected malfunctions; other information is stored only in a crash or near crash event by computer systems commonly called event data recorders (EDR).

In a crash or near crash event, computer systems, such as the Airbag Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM) in your vehicle may record information about the condition of the vehicle and how it was operated, such as engine speed, brake applications, throttle position, vehicle speed, seat belt usage, airbag readiness, airbag performance data, and the severity of a collision. This information has been used to improve vehicle crash performance and may be used to improve crash performance of future vehicles and driving safety. Unlike the data recorders on many airplanes, these on-board systems do not record sounds, such as conversation of vehicle occupants.

To read this information, special equipment is needed and access to the vehicle or the SDM is required. GM will not access information about a crash event or share it with others other than

  • with the consent of the vehicle owner or, if the vehicle is leased, with the consent of the lessee,
  • in response to an official request of police or similar government office,
  • as part of GM’s defense of litigation through the discovery process, or
  • as required by law. In addition, once GM collects or receives data, GM may
  • use the data for GM research needs,
  • make it available for research where appropriate confidentiality is to be maintained and need is shown, or
  • share summary data which is not tied to a specific vehicle with non-GM organizations for research purposes.

    Others, such as law enforcement, may have access to the special equipment that can read the information if they have access to the vehicle or SDM. If your vehicle is equipped with OnStar, please check the OnStar subscription service agreement or manual for information on its operations and data collection.


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