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CAGS Modification:

This will remove the so called 1st to 4th shift.

You can now purchase a prewired module from Stealth V Engineering for a few bucks that is just a snap in module (no tape, no soldering required). Go to for details.

Instructions to do this without the Kit

I wrote these instructions and took the pictures myself after following the "raw" instructions worked for a while, and then the resistor fell out when the weather got hot. This is a very easy and very elegant way to remove the CAGS without paying 30-40 bucks. Its cheap ($7), it will work on your car, and if you are in anyway handy, you can do this with NO PROBLEM.

What you will need
  • "Conduct tite" brand Part number 85307 (I got this at my local pep boys- $2.99)-Weatherpack Housing Connector (male)
  • "Conduct tite" brand Part number 85317 (I got this at my local pep boys- $2.99)-Weather pack Inserts
  • 2.2K ohm 1/2 watt resistors- Radio Shack part number 271-1121 (Price = 99 cents)
  • Method to get under your car (I recommend rhino ramps or a jack)
  • Soldering Iron (optional)
  • Duct tape or electrical tape
  • Plyers

    1. Take the male pin connectors (P/N 85307) and insert the resistor into one pin from the pack
    2. Using the plyers collapse the portions of the pin around the wire of the resistor
    3. Add solder if you like to make the connection extra strong
    4. Do the same to the other side of the resistor using another pin from the pack

    5. Bend the wire piece that you just made above into a 'U' shape with the resistor at the bottom of the U
    6. Insert the two metal spikes into the connector (make sure that you are putting them into the back of the connector)
    7. Close the connector allowing the resistor to sit outside the connector (this will lock the pins into the connector)

    8. Put duct tape over the connector
    9. Jack up the car and find the connector

    10. Disconnect the plug pointed out in the picture above.
    11. Plug in the connector you made with the resistor. (place duct tape over the other end of the connector to protect from weather. Make sure that you plug this in tight so that it snaps and locks

    12. Using a zip tie attach the connector so that the plug does not hang free or come into contact with the tranny.

    13. Lower the car and you are done. GOOD BYE CAGS...

    This is a much better more elegant solution that costs $7 and about 30 mins. Good luck and post on the forums if you have any questions or feel free to e-mail me.

    Additional information from Fred:
    I have no Pep Boys on my little island. I checked NAPA and Carquest but they do not carry that brand. I checked Schucks and they carry the "Motormite" brand that makes "conduit tite" brand. But Schucks doesn't carry those part numbers and told me they couldn't even order them. NAPA had a GM connector so using your pictures we chose a Belknap connector housing part number 725175 ($1.09), connector pins(2) Belknap part number 725150 (38 cents each), and silicon plugs(2) Belknap part number 725152 (55 cents each). These small plugs go onto the pins on the solnoid side of the harnes to seal that connector making that duct tape unnecesary to seal the plug. All these conne tor parts have the weather pack seals like you used. The Belknap connector fit right into the harness with the resistor as you had described without any modification.

    Here is the "raw" way to do the CAGS DIY

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