How can I fix the rubbing noise coming from the center armrest?

The QC engineer instructed me to loosen the three screws on each side of the console to adjust it. I was never able to locate the screws at the front of the console, they may be under the carpet, but the screws at the back are easily accessed. I was able to adjust the console, which has all but eliminated the rubbing, except upon hard left turns.

Here's what to do--Move both front seats forward as far as they will go, and take a look at the console from the back seat. On both sides of the console, towards the back, are little circular plastic pieces. Remove the pieces and loosen the bolts underneath on both sides. Adjust the armrest/console, and retighten. Ideally, one would also adjust the front screws, but as i said, i was unable to locate them to loosen them. The QC engineer also recommended re-torquing the screws back to front.

Thanks Eric

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