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Procedure to change a taillight bulb

Thanks to ME

Click the images to make them larger

Here are the bulbs I used...

  • 1. Remove Cargo net (if you have it installed)
  • 2. Remove spare tire cover
  • 3. You are now going to remove the rear sill plate. This is the black cover that bridges the gap between the trunk and the rear bumper. You do this by first, removing the round black cargo net holders on the four corners of this plastic piece. These round plastic pieces screw off. (note: Remove all four because you will need to take this piece all the way out of the car.

    Do this carefully because the threads on these can easily break. Note image below shows these removed already:

  • 4. Remove the sill plate completely from the car by pulling UP. The part should snap out and you can set it aside outside of the car.
  • 5. On the side that you are going to change the light bulb, remove the remaining circular cargo net holders.

  • 6. Once removed, you can carefully pry back the gray trunk cover. DO NOT pry it to far because it can break and you only need to get behind it to remove some screws. (note: the images here show the driver side of the car)

  • 7. There are two screws holding the tail lamp assembly in place. You will need to remove these (a 10 mm box wrench I think). Here is an image of the two nuts you need to remove. This picture is aiming at the rear of the car. Be careful working around the black box in this picture (that is the stereo amplifier)

  • 8. As you remove the screws be careful because the tail lamp may want to fall out of the car. Keep your hand on it as you remove the last nut on the back. Lay a towel on your bumper (so as not to scratch it) and then pull genlty on the tail lamp and it should come right out of the car.

  • 9. On the back of the lamp assemply, you can twist the blub you want to replace and it will screw out of the assembly. Then you can change the bulb and replace it. Be careful not to touch the actual bulb as the grease from your fingers will shorten the life of the bulb. If you do touch it on accident, rub the bulb glass with an alcohol swap to remove this finger grease.

  • 10. Installation is the reverse of the above. Be carefuly not to overtighten the screws when attaching the tail lamp assembly.

  • This site is not affiliated with General Motors or Cadillac. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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