How do you clean the engine bay and keep it clean?

Here are a few options

  • option 1: All i ever do is spray the engine bay/engine with a degreaser like the simple green or citrus product and hose it off. I heard somewhere not to pressure wash...water can get into naughty places.
  • option 2: I will sometimes hose down the engine compartment while the engine is running, taking care not to put a direct hit on things like the alternator, wires, etc. This removes dust but won't help with oil. For oily, greasy engine compartments I've used GUNK or similar engine box sprays.
  • option 3: What I do is use a white cotton towel to wipe down the engine bay EVERYTIME I wash the car (once a week). Sometimes I will use some chemicals (water/Simple green) sprayed on the rag to remove tough dirt.

    thanks DHG and shane

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