How to get a replacement cluser (2003 CTS)

Many people have noticed that the clock on the guage and the clock on the radio NEVER match. GM has not really ever offered a fix. However, you can get the cluster covered under warranty (since the analog and digital clocks never matched up). Cluster was free and the dealership installed it free under warranty. Very easy swap - took dealership no time at all - for a change!!!

You can get the 04 or 05 cluster, my dealership went with the 04 - they are not to bright since I told them I wanted the 05, but both work on the 03 and you eliminate the anolog clock!!! 05 cluster looks better!!!

Caddy Man from the forum should get props for this one as well, since he's the one that pointed everyone in the right direction (he did this not under warranty, got the 05 cluster from a junkyard, sent to Cadillac to calibrate miles and istalled himself)!!!

For more info.

Thanks to Kalicts

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