Checking Trouble Codes:

For 2003/4 CTS with Navigation System:

Press simulatneously the BAND button and bottom NAV button on the left side of the LCD and release. All instrument cluster and HVAC control lights will flash momentarily, then go off, and then a menu will appear on the LCD to read and clear DTCs.
Note: This currently DOES NOT work on the CTS-V

For 2003/4 CTS non Navigation System:

Press and hold the F1 and F6 buttons simultaneously; the Driver Infomation Center (DIC) will clear and a menu will appear to read and clear DTCs. (Need to confirm this method)

For 2004 CTS-V

Call onstar if your check engine light comes on. They can then run a remote diagnostic and provide you the Trouble code. Check the below list to find out the problem.

Refer to the following site for DTC list: (Compiled by Anthony W. Haukap)

DTC List

This section of the FAQ for a description of each code and the possible condition causing it

Reading DTCs may give you insight to vehicle problems, however, this is purely diagnostic and does not allow adjustments other than clearing set codes.

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