Rear door latch issue during extremely cold weather

Apparently, water can freeze around the latching mechanism and impede its ability to "re-latch". After fiddling with the mechanism, I was able to keep the door shut, but I'm not sure if it's completely latched.

Spraying CRC or a similar lubricant into the latching mechanism loosened it, allowing the door to close properly. It should also keep the problem from occurring in the future."

ANY car in a cold climate if washed (say at a hand wash) and not wiped down properly (inside door jambs also) or not allowed to dry in a heated garage will have frozen trunk latches, doors, power windows, etc. This doesn't seem like anything new and I've experienced it on ALL my cars in a cold climate.

If water gets in the door jams, it will freeze. Either wipe away the water, or dont let it freeze.

Thanks V-rocks and ralph

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