How do I turn off the digital information windows under the RPMs and speedometer?

Left DIC display under the RPMs

There are two button on either side of the steer wheel. The two buttons to the left are used to cycle through the different displays in these windows. The button on the far left has two images of two sheets of paper, one sheet appears infront of the other. Pressing this button will scroll through the displays for the left window (under RPMs). Press and hold the far left button in the up direction (highlighted in yellow below) for two to three seconds. This will shut off the display in the left window. Press the button again and the display comes back on. The button just inside the far left button changes the info displayed in the right window (under speedometer).

PRESS and HOLD for 3 seconds

Right DIC Display under the Speedo

This button has an image identical to the two images on the far left button and another image of a tire cut-out with "TC" in it. This button controls the digital read out of the speed and miles driven, as well as adjusting the Taction Control/Stabili-Track options. To turn off this window press the half of the button that has the image of two sheets (identical to the two images on the far left button). Each time the button is pressed, the display will change. There are four setting: both speed and miles, just speed, just miles, and blank (or "off" in this case). Press the button until the desired display is reached.

PRESS until display goes clear

Thanks Kelsey and Reed

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