How do I remove the Door panels

  • All Doors: On the bottom edge of the plastic door handle cover are two small cutouts. Insert a flat tool into that cutout about 1/2 - 3/4 inch and push up slightly to release the inside catch on the cover from the projection that holds it. It is best to do both at once to minimize stress on the door handle. Push up and out to remove the door handle cover while holding the door handle in the open position
  • Next, just behind the door pull handle, there is an oval piece that you pry out, and behind it are two screws. Remove these screws. Next, starting at the bottom, pry the door panel up and it will begin to pop and then work it around until you have the panel completely pulled away from the door. Now push up and out to get it finally off the door.
  • The front speaker is affixed to a bracket and then to the door. In the non-bose, it's a 5.25" (5 1/4") speaker, in the bose is (reportedly) a 6.75" (6 3/4") speaker. But keep in mind that it is 2 ohm (so a 4ohm speaker will produce less volume), and in both applications it's equalized (crossed) to produce below 6000hz, so you will not get very good highs from the speaker.

  • The rear is removed the same, however, the speaker is screwed to the door panel, not the door. It is a 4 ohm speaker and full range.

    thanks Miscreant and Stephan B

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