Can I watch DVD's while the car is moving?

from Clinton

Everybody, just in, DVD hack, now playing DVD while car is in motion!! I am so psyched!! I wanted everyone to know that I am a true Contributor to the CTS-V Community!! My brother and I where out in the car determined to find a solution. It took us about ten minutes to figure out with no wiring changes! You have to image the look on each other faces when we know we got it to work. When I released the parking break and the screen stayed on we were driving!! I also want to give crate to eyeforthectsvguy! He lead me in the right direction.

Here are the steps to be driving, riding, and watching (Be safe, if you are diving, do not watch screen!!)
  • Step 1 Put in DVD.
  • Step 2 Play DVD (Do not leave it at the front menu, if you do not start the DVD you will not be able to start it after you begin to drive.)
  • Step 3 While playing - Hit the second from the bottom buttons on the right hand side of the DVD screen and then press the forward Seek Button. (You will see a little flicker)
    NOTE: If you see a differnt screen with the words "cold reboot" on it, press the same button combination AGAIN and it should go back to the DVD...

  • Step 4 Now disable the parking break and make sure that the DVD stays on.
  • Step 5 Enjoy

    If you did everything correct you will notice that all the features are disabled. If you are at the main menu of the dvd you will not be able to select play movie or any features.

    If you would like to stop the dvd, you must hit the top right button first. Then it will bring up the safety lock if you are in motion or parking break off.

    Other notes:
    I got DVD-R to play fine in mine, but the +R are having some problems.

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