How do I make an Exhaust gromet/bolt to reduce vibration from the exhaust (with x-pipe)

Take a regular bolt that fits into the threads you have, re-tap if stripped.

It must be atleast 1.5-1.75 inches. Cut out a piece of gas line ( neoprene hose) to use as a sleeve. Slide over the bolt leaving about 3/4 inch of thread to go into the chassy. Now you have the sides of the bolt covered so it won't contact the bracket of the X pipe. Now you will need to cut a piece of rubber(old radiator hose is perfect because it's thick and will withstand high temps) shaped like a washer, and drill a hole in the center.

Place a metal washer on the end of the bolt, then the rubber washer you made, you already have your rubber sleeve on. Place a few drops of thread lock on the bolt and mount it. Don't bottom out the bolt, just tighten enough to pull up the exhaust to where you want it. If everything is right you will have no metal to metal contact.

Try it out, it worked for me.


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