At what speeds do the Fans turn on in the V?

Short answer: with No A/C on Fan #1 comes on at 226 F

Long answer: The V has a two “Series Parallel Fans” operating at different stages.

The following temperatures are in °F, Speeds are in MPH, Delays/Times are in seconds and Pressures are in PSI.

Fan #1 Turn on temp 226 F
fan #1 turn off temp 219 F
Fan #1 turn on by A/C temp 185 F
Fan #1 turn off speed 35 MPH
Fan #1 Turn on speed 30 MPH
Fan #1 Minimum Turn on time 50 seconds
Fan #1 Run on Temp 246 F
Fan #1 Run on Time 120 Seconds
Fan #1 A/C Pressure enable 210 Psi
Fan #1 A/C pressure disable 160 Psi

Fan #2 Turn on temp 235 F
Fan #2 Turn off temp 227 F
Fan #2 Minimium on time 26 Seconds
Fan #2 A/C pressure enable 260 Psi
Fan #2 A/C pressure disable 210 Psi

BOTH off 90 MPH

thanks StealthV

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