My Key won't start the car. How do I reprogram my Key FOB?

If for some reason one of your keys need reprogramming because it won't start the car, do not let the dealer associate a monetary amount for doing this. The process of reprogramming your key takes about 2 minutes.

Program Procedure

  • Take one of the two keys that are already programmed and start ignition
  • Turn it off
  • Put in second driver key and start ignition
  • Turn it off
  • Put in spare #1, turn to 'ON' and there should be no theft security lock light on at this point
  • now start it.
  • Spare Key #1 should now be programmed.

    Repeat process for additional keys

    **You must have two original keys programmed in order to program additional sets**

    Bad Key programming

    The bad key has to be placed on the steering column, the good key in the ignition.

    Turn the ignition to start, do not crank the car, then count to 20.

    Reverse the keys and do the process again.

    This process should reset the chip in the bad key.

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