Navigtation disc-Where can I get one, Who makes the data, can it be copied?

GM just launched a site that covers all the information that you need about your car's nav system: go to:

The DVD can be copied. However, due to the size of the map data, you cannot use a normal dvd-r. You must have a dvd-r DUAL LAYER which is capable of writing up to 9 gb of data. This is due to the size of the map data on the DVD. These DVD burners are available at your local retail stores and are only slightly more expensive than a normal DVD burner for your PC.

The data is partially compiled by a company called zenrin ( The same map data is used on the infinity cars and trucks and has been confirmed by a forum member to work.

The data driectly from Zenrin will work, however you will need a firmware flash to make this work. Go to Cadillacforums- Firmware update thread for information on how to get this firmware update.

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