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How do I make a homemade Oil Catch Can?

Thanks to Ace996

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A Commerical (non homemade) aluminium oil catch can is available... For more informaton see HERE

Reason to have an oil catch can:
It basically catches the oil so it does not get sucked up into your intake or blower.

Cost: about $25 bucks


I went to Home Depot and looked at the available air-compressor filters. There were two, the one I installed and one that was much heavier and bulkier. Next I went to the fasteners dept and found the proper screws to mount the filter to the mounting bar. The mounting bar was a piece of aluminum bar that is also sold in the fasteners dept. I tried to find the proper fittings at HD, but they were too cumbersome. I went to SandK Speed, the local speed shop, and found the proper fittings for the filter. I bought two feet of 3/8th inside-diameter fuel-line and 4 hose clamps.

I came home and teflon taped the brass fittings and installed the 90degree elbows. Next, I eyed the mounting position for the filter. I decided the passenger-side mounting of the rad-fan was as good as any, so I pulled the screw and eye-fitted the aluminum bar for a mount. I bent the bar over a table and drilled a hole. With the bar mounted, I located the filter's mounting points on the bar and drilled two smaller holes...thankfully they lined-up. I then eyed the fuel-line and cut to fit. I slipped the 4 hose clamps over the tubes and tightened them up. All done, about 40 mins total...should have been 20mins.


Again, another couple of tablespoons in the jar today. When I came home from work, I decided to see what was the deal. I opened the hood and left the car running just to see what type of flow we're seeing through the filter....HOLY CRAPOLA!!!! The oil was spinning like a blender. When my wife reved the motor, it spun even more so.

I don't think there is a need to cut the white-sand filter element as there is plenty of flow available, blow through'll see. I also noticed that the cheap fuel-line I bought at Pep Boys was flattening due to the "MASSIVE" negative pressure inside the tubes. This negative pressure, after taking the tubes off and pinching them, is a direct result of the return line entering the intake manifold. The oil in the container was not a result of the crankcase pressure forcing oil out, but the intake manifold sucking it out of the crankcase. When I disconnected the return line to the manifold, and left the crankcase line connected to the filter....NOTHING. The oil didn't move. When I slipped the return line back on the filter.....the oil started spinning like a top.

I decided that there's no way I'm going to let my engine drink oil, so I took another trip to the speed shop. I bought some upgraded 3/8 Inside Diameter line, about 2 feet, and a small K&N breather filter. I also bought a brass cap to fit over a piece of the plug the intake manifold return bung.

When I came home, I turned the filter around so the intake side of the catch-filter is closer to the crankcase and put the little breather filter on the exhaust side of the filter. This is now a "classic" open-ended catch-can filter. I considered keeping my initial install, without the mini-K&N, and running the line to the air-box...but I still don't want the oil getting sucked out of the engine. If the engine wants to burp, its able to...but only when its needed.


Pictures part II

This site is not affiliated with General Motors or Cadillac. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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