How do I change the Oil on a V?

  • You will need 7* quarts of your favorite flavor of oil.
  • Delco PF-46 Filter or a filter on this list Click Here
  • Drain plug (rubber) washer (if you need the part# for this I can go look it up)

    the rubber drain plug washer IS removable and should be changed every oil change: Rubber drain plug washer (PN #3536966, ~$1)

    Make sure car is warm before starting this procedure because this will help the sludge and contaminants in the oil flow out of the motor when you drain the oil. I prefer to let the car warm up to operating temperatures- oil temp around 200 degrees.

    1. Open hood, and open engine oil filler cap, raise car or drive up ramps.
    2. Using a box wrench (15 mm), open the oil drain plug, allow all the oil to drain into a proper oil recyling container. Caution, oil is hot and so is the exhaust!
    3. Remove filter (may require some basic oil filter removal tool) - beware more oil coming out here.
    3a. Allow motor to drain for a while. 4. Prefill Oil filter with Mobile 1 oil. Replace with fresh filter with the top O ring oiled sufficently on the car.
    5a. Tighten hand tight and then tighten with oil wrench another 3/4 of a full turn (use the label for refernce)
    5b. Clean off metal shavings from oil drain plug and replace rubber washer (rubber washer cannot be replaced on the V, it is built into the drain plug)
    6. Reinstall Drain plug - 18 ft lbs of tourque- Yes, use a torque wrench.
    7. Clean off any oil that has splashed/spilled or otherwise come into contact with the underbody, oil pan or floor.
    8. Pour in 5 OR 6 quarts of oil. Try not to spill any. Use a oil funnel.
    9. Start the car, while monitoring oil pressure in the DIC. You should see an oil warning, since for a few moments there is not enough oil in circulation. This should go away in a few seconds. Shut off the car. (notice you wont see the warning if you prefill the oil filter.
    9a. Drive the Car off the ramps.
    10. Check oil level and add to full if necessary. Mine took about 6.5 quarts. Replace filler cap, close hood.
    11. Reset Oil life in NAV/DIC by (with car running) going to INFO>Oil Life>RESET (Press and HOLD until XXX turns to 100%)
    12. DRIVE, Enjoy, DRIVE, Enjoy, DRIVE, Enjoy

    note it doesn't take 7 quarts....just takes a bit more than 6 so you need 7 bottles to obtain the proper result (or use the leftover bottle from the last change)

    Thanks Ben for the info... Edited by Reed

    I recommend Rhino Ramps for getting under the car. These are Drive up ABS plastic ramps (Yes, they will support the car). These are available for 19.00 at any autoparts store (pepboys, kragen, autozone)

    Here is a comprehensive list of oil filters Click Here

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