Oil Temp Guage Issue

UPDATE 8-13-04

The flash Update is available now!
Bulletin number is: 04-08-49-017. Engine Oil Temperature Gauge Warning (Call TCSC and Reprogram IPC Module)
DOC ID: 1542045
Afftects: V-series built prior to vin breakpoint 40181396 and built prior to April 14,2004

This greatly reduces the chances of having a false warning and that the best real "fix" comes with the new engine in a year or so (2006?) when they actually rewire the oil temp sensor.

Actual Bulletin


ASI Resolution - Engine Oil Tempature Gage Warning (Call TCSC and Reprogram IPC Module) #04-08-49-017A - (Aug 3,2004)
Document ID # 1542045

Engine Oil Tempature Gage Warning (Call TCSC and Reprogram IPC Module)

2004 Cadillac CTS-V

Built prior to breakpoint 40181396 and build date April 14, 2004

This bulletin is being revised to add the correct information. Please discard Advanced Services Bulletin Number 04-08-49-017 (Section 8 -- Body & Accessories)


Some customers may comment that during or after aggressive driving, the engine oil tempature display in the DIC has a higher than expected reading or the oil tempature warning has come on.


A ground offset between the engine oil tempature sensor and the instrument cluster affects the tempature reading and may indicate a tempature higher than actual. the actual oil tempature should be in operating range.


Engineering has released a software update. Using normal SPS reprogramming procedures, Technicians are to reprogram the IPC modual wit an updated software calibration. Prior to reprogramming, technicians MUST contact the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC) at 1-800-828-6860 (English) or 1-800-503-3222 (French) to obtain Vehicle COnfiguration INdex (VCI) nymber for assistance in modifying TIS Pass-thru RS-232 Baud rate from 115200 to 57600.

The new calibration will be released beginning with TIS satellite data update version 7.4 to be available on 7-21-04. As always, make sure your TECH2 is updated with the latest software version.

Dealer Action

Please contact all customers that were told they would be called when a repair became available. Distribute this information to all dealership technicians and service advisors.

For vehicles repaired under warranty, use:
Labor operation: N4199
Description: Module - Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) [shy ] Reprogram
Labor time: 0.4hr

This is a known problem however it is a different problem than C&D noted in their review (the C&D issue has been fixed). The issue is that the oil temp sensor is the incorrect voltage/amperage and is causing and incorrect reading on the gauge. Despite what the gauge may say, the actual temp is lower. This can be verified by looking at the coolant temp.

The fix for this problem is a software upgrade to the carís computer which is expected soon. This may (or may not) be implemented from the factory on the 2005 cars but will be available to all CTS-V owners at any Caddy dealer. This is not a really big issue in my opinion.

See the following post as proof: (posted 4-18-04)

OK here's the oil temp reading evaluation from the track. Both myself and another V guy (Blk on Blk V) had the same issue with high oil temp readings.

My first run was about 5 laps (morning and cool day) before the temp chime came on, I pulled off - Temp on dash showed 295 to 300. After parking in the pits the other V owner offered nice temp probe that we stuck down into the dipstick tube and let rest for a while in the pan. The V dash oil temp said 224 and the probe meter showed 195 in the pan - ignition on engine not running.

After my 2nd run with oil temp reading 300 to 334 (ouch!) I pulled off the track and idled to the pits. Within 60 seconds and engine still running the oil temp was fluctuating between 314 and 301. With the motor just turned off but ignition on the temp warning was still going nuts (chime and flashing graphic). Temp fluctuated between 282 and 295 (keep in mind this is well within 2 minutes of a 334 reading.) . Probe in the crank read 228.

So, first run - 224 to 195 = 15% higher than pan

And, second run - 282 to 228 = 24% higher than pan (at low dash reading)
From Cal
You may want to note my noticably different results with the oil temp on my days at Pocono. The car only chimed on the first of 4 runs and did not chime again when I pushed it harder. So the oil temp error only occurred on the very first run of the day, not any of the successive runs. No idea why, but figured it may be helpful to some (wait it out and it will go away).

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