Can I replace the UGLY Onstar Antenna on the rear window?

Got the mast from EUR-AM. There website is

Part Number is: 8041 Spike unity gain cellular antenna (Cost $4.20)

I ordered the whole glass mount kit but all you need is a mast. The mast is a little bigger than the threads so I used some heat shrink tubing on the threads and it worked fantastic. You could order the whole kit and use the new outside piece with the mast on it but it will not tilt left to right and so it will lean. Anymore question, let me know.

Thanks Shane

  • I removed the OnStar on-glass antenna from my '04 CTS and installed a tri-band surface mount dipole antenna. (Currently OnStar uses the analog cell band)
  • I used a thin blade putty knife to remove both inside and outside parts, then used a razor blade to remove the remaining adhesive.
  • I then installed the new antenna on the inside of the car behind the sub-woofer, between the rear glass and the carpet on the rear deck (centered left to right).
  • I dressed the coax around and back up to the original coax connector and hid the entire connector/coax behind the side panel. So, all you can see is the antenna (4.5" x .8" x .1"thk)

    So far the new antenna works every bit as good as the original one.

    The LED on the right side of the mirror will turn RED, because my new antenna design is different from the on-glass design (the original antenna appears as a dead short across the coax to DC, my new antenna appears as a open circuit to DC)

    The antenna is a ANT-DB1-VDP from
    It cost ~$7. I couldnt use the TNC connector that came with the new antenna, since the connector on the end of the OnStar coax was already a TNC connector (its a press fit type), So I soldered a TNC jack onto the end of the new antenna coax. [This piece can be purchased at radioshack or a local electronics store- ed]

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