Parts differences between the V and Regular CTS

These represent the part numbers that are "different" than the regular CTS. Upgrade at your own risk, only posted to help you out. Can be ordered at for cheaper than dealer!
Front Facia: 12335777
(This is the main bumper cover, 1 piece)

Front Facia Extension (L&R): 25750634 and 25750635
(The front inside fender well since the front facia is longer)

Fog Lamps (L&R): 25753700 and 25753699
(these are different part numbers from the regular CTS - don't know if regular CTS ones can be retrofitted)

Front Bumper bar: 25764982
(This is behind the facia, like the fiberglass bumper)

Grille, upper: 21996486
Grille, lower: ?

Front door Side Skirts(L&R): 88980499 and 88980500
Rear door side skirts: 88980501 and 88980502
(disclaimer: as always, double check this for accuracy - not responsible if you order the wrong thing).

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