Can you patch a Runflat Tire

Short answer:YES

Long answer and backup:

If the hole is in the sidewall or too close to the shoulder of the tire, then the patch cannot be patched because the tire's integrity has been compromised. Some tire places extend this and add a cushion due to their desire to protect themselves from possible lawsuits if the tire fails.

Bottom line: Have the patch done at a reputable place (goodyear, or other well known tire store that knows how to deal with runflats I asked the question to our good friends at goodyear and received the following answer:

The new "run flat" tire contains construction features (reinforced sidewall inserts and a patented heat resistant compound) that allow the tire to continue in service at zero inflation pressure, for up to 50 miles (at speeds limited to 50 mph) without any significant loss of performance characteristics such as ride and handling.

The new "run flat" tire also requires a low tire pressure warning system manufactured by SmarTire USA Inc.

This system has a sensor banded to the center of each wheel that constantly reads air pressure inside the tire and signals an on board display module when tire pressure drops below a predetermined minimum pressure.

Repairing your EMT run flat tire:

A Goodyear or Kelly - Springfield manufactured speed - rated tire may be repaired to correct a commonly repairable nail hole punture in the tread are ONLY. Proper materials and procedures must be applied. INCORRECT OR IMPROPER REPAIR WILL RESULT IN THE TIRE NO LONGER BEING SPEED - RATED BY GOODYEAR, and the warranty may also be affected. Tire speed 130 mph (210 km/h) and over (H,V,W,Y,Z) symbols. Only one repair is sugested, to maintain speed-rating, with a Max. repair diameter of 1/4 in. (6mm).

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