How many Vs were produced in 2004 and 2005?

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  • MY 2004 CTS-V total = 2461 (retail = 2454, fleet = 7)

  • MY 2005 CTS-V total = 3508 (retail = 3483, fleet = 25)

    More Detail

    Cadillac doesn't report V-Series sales specifically, separate from the CTS itself. However, as guidance I can tell you that the V is reliably between 3500 and 5000 vehicles per year, since its inception. Not a whole lot of fluctuation, thus far. In 2004 total CTS sales (US) were 57,211. 2005 was the high-water mark, a record 61,512. 2006 was 54,846. If one were to (roughly) add 15% to these totals, you’d have the international (non-US) sales figures.

    Color breakdown

    Black Raven is the top exterior color, normally running at roughly 25%-30% of the total build. Lt.Platinum and White Diamond are almost a dead-heat as the #2 choice, running around 16-18% each. The rest of the colors rank quite close to one another. . . all around 5-10%. That would include Infrared, Blue Chip, Gold Mist, Sunset Blue, Thunder Grey etc. The ebony interior is the dominant choice on the interior, with light grey/ebony two-tone a distant 2nd.

    Number sold as of Feb 17, 2007

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