How do I take out the radio (remove the radio bezel)?

To gain access to the radio, simply:
  • Pull out on the top air vent assembly (it will pop out)

  • remove the hazzard plug (or fold the assembly up onto the dsah out of your way)

  • then open up the ashtray and remove the small bolt behind the ashtray (pop the felt ashtray out)

  • then pull out on the entire HVAC unit (will pop out).

  • At this time you can then remove the 10mm bolts that secure the radio (2 at top, 2 at bottom) and pull the radio out.

    Please note, you will need a magnetic socket to put the small bolt behind the ashtray back in, as there is no room to "hold" it to get it started - you need to magnetize the socket in order to get the little bolt to stay in the socket while you feed it back inside the ashtray...

    thanks miscreant

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