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Procedure to change the radio buttons

Thanks to me

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1. Items Required:

  • Small Flat Head screwdriver
  • 1/8" (3.2mm) drive socket (<- this is not in the normal craftman kit.. make sure you have this!)
  • Replacement buttons (Lindsay cadillac is the only place I know of that carries these. Contact information

    make sure to order the correct buttons... Some buttons are different!
  • 30mins to 1 hour (depending on your skill)

    Section 1. Remove the Radio

    Procedure is here Once your remove the 10mm bolts on that procedure, you should disconnect the plugs at the back of the radio and REMOVE the radio completely from the car. You will do the remainder of the procedures at a workbench away from the car.

    Section 2. Swap out the buttons

  • 1. Once you have the radio on a workbench, set it up like so:

  • 2. You will see small plastic clips all the way around the black plastic face of the radio. Take a very small flat screwdriver and carefully peel them away from their latches. There are clips on the top, bottom, and sides of the radio and you need to carefully peel them all away to free the front shroud.

  • 3. Once the Plastic tabs are removed, carefully pull the face away from the radio and you will see 2 ribbon cables (one on each side) attaching the buttons to the circuitry behind the face. Using your fingers, carefully remove these ribbon cables from their sockets on the RADIO side

  • 4. Now that the face is removed set the radio aside for now. Note: be careful not to scratch the LCD or the glass. Now take the 1/8" socket (3.2mm) and remove the backing to the set of buttons you want to replace. Carfully pull the circuit board back. It will not be completly removed since it still is connected by a ribbon cable at the bottom.

  • 5. Pick out the LCD glass holder/ piece of plastic on top of the buttons.

  • 6. Gently lift out the button you want to replace. Note that there is piece of rubber arround the button that you will need to reuse.

  • 7. Remove the rubber piece from the old button and attach it to the new button you received from Lindsay Cadillac.

  • 8. Curse cadillac for such a cheap paintjob on a button that you use every time you use the radio. Drink a beer and admire the fact that you are a better at repairing your car than your dealership (Lindsay Cadillac excluded). Dealers send their radio back to the facotry to have these parts replaced.

  • 9. Put everything back together in reverse order.
    Be carefuly when plugging back in the ribbon cables
    Make sure all the snaps are aligned before you press the plastic face back on the radio

    NOW IS A GOOD TIME to clean the glass and the LCD monitor. Do not use any chemicals on the LCD and be careful to keep the glass clean. A finerprint on the inside of this will drive you crazy!

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