Work Around for Radio RDS messages in the Preset area

Anyone with the Navigation radio knows that the data collected for the radio station preset display picks up whatever RDS information is being sent at the time the button is held down to "save" the station. This results in the presets displaying either the station call number, the name of the station or some partial word that makes no sense.

There is info on the FAQ site about this and Cadillac says it is "a normal characteristic of the navigaion radio".

I bought my V used, and the previous owner either didn't care or never figured this out. Of course this drove me crazy!

I tried timing the preset to when a song had stopped playing, or when the RDS info displayed the call number, but this was a real crap shoot. Since the radio has about a 3 second delay between pushing/holding the preset and when it actually stores the data, it was hard to get the timing right.

I finally noticed that when you first maually tune to a station, the radio always diplays the frequency for a half second or so, before scrolling into the other RDS info. What works best for me is:

  • 1. Manually tune the radio one "click" lower/higher than the actual frequency you want to store.
  • 2. Press and hold the preset button.
  • 3. Count to 3 and with your other hand, tune (one click higher/lower) to the frequency you want.
  • 4. Hopefully the radio has saved the correct frequency info on the preset button.

    With a little practice you can pretty quickly have all the presets displaying the station frequency instead of random stuff.

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