How do I Keep the audio settings, i.e., drivers listening position....permanent?

Each radio preset keeps the audio settings that were active when it was programmed:

Example:If you programmed a radio station and the audio was on talk, then every time you go to that station, it will switch to "talk". To change this:

  • 1. Press the radio preset that you want to change or go to the desired station
  • 2. Change the audio settings to what you want (i.e. "Talk" for a Talk radio station, driver position for a music channel that you listen to alone, etc)
  • 3. The press and hold the station preset.

    This will effectively replace the existing preset with a "new" preset that has (and retains) your desired audio settings.

    Please note that for the CD changer, there is only one setting and it is not dependant on the disc or song. The CD settings are "global" and if you begin listening to a book on tape, you will need to manually change to the "talk" setting and then manually change back when you want to listen to music.

    Faq submitted by Jimmy Farris, answered by Reed

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