How do I change the rear tail lamps?

  • 1. Open trunk
  • 2. Remove compact spare tire cover
  • 3. Remove the four convenience net wing nuts
  • 4. Pull the carpet back away from the body of the vehicle on the side with the burned out bulb
  • 5. Remove the two mounting screws from the lamp assembly
  • 6. Pull out the lamp assembly to expose the bulb sockets
  • 7. Turn the bulb socket one-quarter turn counterclockwise and pull the bulb socket out of the lamp reflector
  • 8. Pull the old bulb from the bulb socket keeping the bulb straight as you pull it out.
  • 9. Install new bulb
  • 10. Reverse the steps to reinstall the lamp assembly

    from pate 5-51 in the manual, thanks stealthV

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