How do I remove a badge or dealer name plate on my car?

Take the hair blower to the car (don't forget the extention) and turn hair blower "ON" and point at decal. Move hair blower back & forth across the width of the decal. Hold hiar blower like 6" away from decal. Do this for 2 minutes. Shut off hair blower. Using a finger nail gently lift one corner of the decal enough to pinch the decal you lifted between 2 fingers. Pull the decal off at a 90-degree angle _/ sorta like that. Once you start pulling, DO NOT STOP, but continue pulling SLOWLY and STEADILY, not jerking. Don't stop to "take a look" either ~ When it's completely off, you'll need either adhesive remover or a rag on which you've dribbled a few drops of gasoline. Either will instantly and safely remove any "sticky" that stayed behind. Throw away the rag.

If it's a METAL nameplate, take it back to the dealer to remove. 90% use decals thesedays.


DO NOT use a plastic spatula or putty knife! I know some guys here used that method, but you are asking for trouble. Use a nice long piece of waxed dental floss, with no heat. Start on one corner and work towards the center, then start on the opposite side and work towards center. They are not "glued on". They are held on with a very thin piece of double sided tape. Using the floss method, you will actually be lifting the badge off the tape, instead of lifting the tape/badge off the paint. Once the badge is gone there will still be black foam tape left on the paint, you can now peel this off with your fingers. After the majority is gone, use a "goo-be-gone" of some sort to get rid of the sticky residue, follow that up with wax.........voila, badge is gone and nothing came in contact with your paint.

thanks sandy and BowenCT

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