What are the RPO codes for all cadillac Cars?

RPO stands for Regular Production Order meaning that this is a list of the options available on cadillac cars.

The 3 digit code is the "part number" for the list of options on the right

AH8Adjuster PASS ST Power, 8 Way
AL2Control Seat, Power Lumbar
AM9Seat RR Split Back, Folding
AQ9Seat FRT, BKT, Luxury
AU5Lock Control, Entry Remote Entry, Low Power
AU8Lock Control, Entry Remote Entry, Specific Frequency
AX4Restraint Conversion Seat, MAN, European
AY0Restraint System Seat, Inflatable, Driver & PASS, FRT, Side, Roof Side
A26Window European Glazing, All
A45Memory Seat Adjuster Mirror, Power, Driver and Personalization
A82Restraint Head
BAGParts PKG Export
B19Ornamentation INTR, Customs
B20Ornamentation Intr, Luxury
B57Ornamentation EXTR Deluxe
CE1Wiper System Windshield, Pulse, Moisture Sensitive
CE4Washer Headlamp, High Pressure
CF5Roof Sun, Glass, Sliding Electric
CJ2HVAC System Air Conditioner Front, Auto TEMP CONT, AUX TEMP CONT
DD7Mirror I/S R/V LT Sensitive, Compass
DD8Mirror I/S R/V LT Sensitive
DL5Decal Roadside Service Information
DL7Mirror O/S LH and RH, Remote Control, Electric, Heated Power Folding, Color
DR2Mirror O/S LH and RH, Remote COntrol, Electric, Heated Light Sensitive, Manual Folding, Color
DR5Mirror O/S LH and RH, Remote Control, Electric, Heated Manual Folding, Color
DT4Ashtray Cigarette Lighter
D26Mirror O/S LH and RH, Remote Control, Electric, Heated Power Folding
E5AChassis Retuned
FE1Suspension System Soft Ride
FE2Suspension System Ride, Handling
FE3Suspension System Soft Ride
FE4Suspension System Special Ride and Handling
F55Chassis Continuously Variable Real Time Damping Magneto Rheological
GT4Axle Rear 3.73 Ration, DUP with 5 x 1
GU2Axle Rear 2.73 Ratio
GU5Axle Rear 3.23 Ratio
GU6Axle Rear 3.42 Ratio
G80Axle Positraction Limited Slip
JE2Brake Lining Performance Driving
JE5Brake System Power, antilock, Front and Rear Wheel
JJAPT Dress Subassembly Installed (Modular Optimization Method Only)
JL4Control Active Brake
JL9Brake System Power, Front and Rear Disc, Antilock, Front and Rear Wheel
JNGShaft Prop, Painted
J56Brake System PWR, FRT and RR DISC, Antilock, FRT and RR WHL, Heavy Duty
KA1Heater Seat, Front
KA3Heater Engine Block, 220V
KA6Heater Seat, Rear
KB6Heater Seat, Cooling, Front
KG4Generator 150 AMP
KG9Generator 140 AMP
K05Heater ENG Block
K14Filter Air, Auto Recirculating
K59Cruise Control Automatic, Adaptive
LALPlant Code Lansing, MI, USA, Grand River
LH2Engine Gas, 8 Cyl, 4.6L, SFI, V8, DOHC, HO, Alum, GM
LP1Engine Gas, 6 Cyl, 2.8L, SFI, V6, DOHC, HO, Alum, 60 Deg, GM
LS6Engine Gas, 8 Cyl, 5.7L, SFI, Alum, HO, GM
LY7Engine Gas, 6 CYL, 3.6L, SFI, V6, alum, 60 Degrees, GM
MTFProvision Fire Extinguisher Mounting
MV1Transmission Manual 6 Speed, Aisin, 85mm, 4.17 1st, 0.79 6th, O/D
MV3Transmission Auto 5 Speed, HMD, 5L50-E PTU, Electronic, O/D
M12Transmission MAN 6 SPD, Tremec, 85 mm, 2.97 1ST, 0.57 6TH, O/D
M22Transmission Auto 5 Speed, HMD, 5L50-E, Electronic, O/D
M82Transmission AUTO 5 SPD, HMD, 5L40-E, Electronic
NA3Emission System Japan
NC1Emission System California, LEV
NF9Emission System General Unleaded
NP5Steering Wheel Leather Wrapped
NR7Steering Wheel Leather Wrapped, Heated
NT3Emission System EEC 00
NT4Emission System EEC 05
NT7Emission System Federal, TIER 2
NT9Emission System Federal, TIER 2 Phase-Out
NU1Emission System California, LEV2
NU4Emission System California LEV II Plus
NV7Steering Power, Variable Effort
N05Lock Control Fuel Filler Cap
N30Steering Wheel Deluxe
N31Steering Wheel Heated
N34Steering Wheel Leather, 3 Spokes
N81Tire Spare Full Size
N87Wheel 18 x 8, Aluminum
N88Wheel 17 x 7.5, Aluminum, Premium
N93Wheel 17 x 7.5, Aluminum
PB4Lock Control Wheel
PF4Wheel 16 x 7, Aluminum
PX0Wheel 16 x 7, Aluminum, Styled
P32Wheel 18 X 8.5 Aluminum, Painted
QF7Wheel 17 X 7.5, Aluminum, Deluxe
QKPTire All P235/50R17-95S BW R/PE ST TL ALS
QKRTire All P245/45R1896W BW R/PE ST TL AL3
QOHTire All 225/55R16-95W BW R/PRST TL HWY
QWJTire All P225/55R16-94H BW R/PE ST TL AL3
QWWTire All 225/50R17-93 R/PE ST TL AL3
Q11Tire All P235/50R17 Front and P255/45R17 Rear
Q12Tire All P235/50R18 Front and P255/45R18 Rear
Q13Wheel 17x7.5 Front and 17x8 Rear (Polished)
Q14Wheel 17x7.5 Front and 17x8 Rear (Painted)
TQ5Control Intelligent High Beam
TR7Headlamps Control Leveling System, Automatic
TT6Headlamps High Intensity Discharge
TT7Headlamps High Intensity Discharge, LH Rule of Road
TT8Headlamps High Intensity Discharge, RH Rule of Road
T2HOrnamentation Exterior, Export Unique Requirements
T43Spoiler Rear
T62Lighting Daytime Running
T65Lamp System Daytime Running, Export
T79Lamp fog, RR
T84Headlamps RH Rule of the Road, E Mark
T90Lamp Signaling & Marker, Export
UAVInfotainment System 005.1
UA2Theft Deterrent SYS Export Specific
UA6Theft Deterrent System
UD7Sensor Indicator Rear Parking Assist
UE1Communication System Vehicle, G. P. S. 1
UG1Garage Door Opener Universal
UH3Indicator Low Tire Pressure, Var 2
UJ6Indicator Low Tire Pressure
UJ9Indicator Low Tire Pressure, Var 1
UK1Frequencies Japanese
UQ7Speaker System Premium Performance, Enhanced Audio, Bose
UV6Display Head Up
UX8Speaker System 8, Deluxe
UY5Speaker System 15, Deluxe
U19Speedometer INST, Kilo and Miles, KILO Odometer
U2KDigital Audio System S-Band
U2LDigital Audio System L-Band
U2KDigital Audio System S-Band
U2XAVEC System AM/FM Radio, MCD, DVD, Navigation, TV
U2YAVEC System AM/FM Radio, ICDX, Navigation, CDROM, TV
U30Cluster INST, TACH, Clock
U57Speaker System 8, Dual F/D Pillar, Dual FRT DR MTD, Dual RR, DR MD, Subwoof PKG Shelf, I/P CTR, Amplif, Bose
U66Speaker System 7, Custom
VBXLanguage Label Arabic
VB1Label Shipping, Japan
VC4Label Price/Fuel ECON, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
VC5Label Shipping, Except US, US Possessions, Or Japan
VG8Vehicle Label, Notice to Buyer
VH5Plate Vehicle Identification
VJ1License Plate Rear Mounting Package, Japanese
VJ2Label, Export Headlamp Adjust
VJ4Label, Export Child Seat Location
VL2Label, Spare Caution, Compact Spare
VL4License Plate Front Mounting Package, EEC
VL4Label, Export Child Seat Location
VL6License Plate Front Mounting PKG, Japanese
VMALicense Plate Front Mounting Package, Korea
VP6Noise Control
VR5Provosions Slow Vehicle Warning Triangle Mounting
V03Cooling System Extra Capacity
V08Cooling System Heavy Duty
V73Vehicle Statement USA/Canada
V76Hook Tow
V92Trailer Provisions
XA7Washer Nozzles, Heated, Windshield
Z49Export Canadian Modification Mandatory Base Equipment
Z5XMirror Provisions Arabic Language
Z5YMirror Provisions O/S Etched Warning

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