How can I remove the Shift Knob

The proceedure is very close to the C5 vette. See here:

One difference:
Put tranny in reverse, put some forward pressure on knob and pull straight up. The knob basically snaps on the shifter rod. The reason I know is I thought mine was a screw on knob and tried to turn it and broke the plastic inside the knob. (They are replacing under warranty. The knob and boot assembly cost 175.00)When I pulled it straight up it came off. You will see once it's off the notch on the shifter rod that it snaps in to. The boot and trim release at the back of the console area and there are tabs at the front of the boot. It's actually quite easy to remove. There is about a two inch thick piece of foam between the console and transmission hump for noise.

Thanks shane

Thanks Silver Baron for the pictures

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