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How do I install an aftermarket Swaybar (anti-roll bar)?

Thanks Texan V

  • So I finally got around to installing the kit that has been lying in my garage for almost a month. I would rank the level of difficulty right up there with a tire rotation so no big deal. Timewise it took about 2 hrs, but that was using hand tools and taking the time to take pictures. The only tools you'll need are jack, jack stands, 15mm socket, 4" extension, torque wrench, blue lock-tite. The last one isn't neccessary, I'm just a fan of the stuff.
  • First things first, jack up the car, place on jack stands and remove the wheels. Starting with the front and moving to the rear, unclip the ABS sensor wire from the front sway bar end link.

  • In the picture above you can see the ABS sensor wire being removed from the sway bar end link. You can also see the two 15mm nuts that you must back off in order to remove the sway bar.
  • Next, you will have to remove the (2) 15mm bolts that retain the frame bracket. To back off the lower bolt of the two I used a 4" socket extension.

  • With both sides end links and frame brackets removed you can then pull the sway bar out.

  • Installing the Eibach replacement is done in reverse order. Slide bar in...

  • Apply supplied grease to the insode of the bushings. Install bushings with cut side facing the rear of the car. Slip the frame bracket over the bushing, center over the bolt holes and install the (2) 15mm bolts loosely for now. Next, re-install the end link (you may have to push/pull the bar in order to line up for the end link. Tighten the (2) 15mm nuts holding the sway bar to the end link. Go ahead and repeat for the other side before fully tightening all (4) nuts and bolts. The frame bracket bolts recommended torque is 44 ft/lbs and the end link nuts recommended torque is 37 ft/lbs.

  • The rear sway bar brackets and end links were easier to access than the front was but it was a little harder to remove the bar. It doesn't pull straight out due to it's odd bends, you have to wiggle and turn the bar quite a bit to coax it out. Instaling the Eibach rear was a sinch once I realized to place it in backwards and then once in posistion, rotate forward.
  • Same basic steps as with the front bar. Remove the (2) end link nuts and end link. Remove the (2) frame bracket bolts, repeat for the other side. Remove bar, install new bar (as noted above). Apply grease to the bushings and install on the new bar with the cut facing the rear of the car. Slip bracket over the bushing and loosely make up the frame bracket bolts and end link nuts. Once all properly aligned, fully tighten the nuts and bolts to 37 and 44 ft/lbs respectively.

  • Parting shot...

  • So I was able to put about 15 miles on the car after the install. Impressions so far are okay, but I'm not sure that I can tell a big difference. I would say that I feel a little more confident going around sharp corners quickly, but the track is probably where you would notice more of a difference. Any way, it was a cheap mod, an easy install and I like the look of some red steel under the car .

    Thanks Texan V

  • This site is not affiliated with General Motors or Cadillac. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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