How to reprogram the Tirepressure Sensor guage (+images)

UPDATE 8/24/04

Well, the same module reads all the RF stuff on the car including both fobs and all four tire pressure sensors. If the key fobs are working but the tire pressure sensors aren't, they'll probably just need to reprogram the sensors. The module they replaced had individual codes for each of the four sensors stored in it. When you replace the module, those codes go with it and the new module has blanks in place of the codes. Simple routine if you wanna reprogram them yourself:

  • 1) key in RUN, engine off
  • 2) park brake set, cluster on pressure display
  • 3) press and hold BOTH the LOCK and UNLOCK SIMULTANEOUSLY for about 10 secs until the horn honks. (on the Keyless Entry remote)
  • 4) let air out of (or put air into) Left front tire until you hear another horn honk (only let the air our for about 3-5 seconds.... then be patient and wait for the honk... it could take up to 20-30 seconds before it honks)
  • 5) repeat on Right Front tire
  • 6) repeat on Right Rear tire
  • 7) repeat on Left Rear tire
  • 8) after left rear tire you should hear a double honk and the process is complete
  • 9) verify the pressures on the cluster display

    Note: it's easier to let air out of the tire, of course, but then you'll probably have to put some back into the tire when the process is complete. The dealer should have a tool that looks like a garage door opener that they can use in place of the air-letting procedure. It excites a mechanism inside the sensor so they don't have to fool with the air pressure. Target for every day driving pressures should be shown on a sticker on the door, I think.

    Tire pressure units:
    part number is: 25774006 NEW (old part number=25763677)
    Dealer cost is $52.00 a piece.


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